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How To Catch A Red King Crab In ACNH?

The Red King Crab is quite fast and tough to catch if you don't know the proper technique. Find out how to do it easily in our complete guide on Red King Crab in ACNH.

The Red King Crab is one of the fast sea creatures found in New Horizons. You have to take a different approach to catch this big sea creature. Plus, you also need to know its spawn timings, months of availability and selling price. So, here’s a quick guide on how to catch a Red King Crab in ACNH.


Red King Crab in Animal Crossing New Horizons

This sea creature is available in the Northern Hemisphere from November to March and in the Southern Hemisphere from May to September. The best part is that it can be caught all day. The Red King Crab has a large shadow which moves fast so if you see one, there’s a chance that it might be this particular crab. After catching it, you can sell it for 8000 Bells or you can donate to Blathers. When you talk to him about it, he will give you some additional information about this regal crab.

In order to catch it, you have to follow the same technique as you would do for other fast creatures. These are the steps to catch the Red King Crab in ACNH.

  • Don’t swim fast because it will speed away if you do this. Fast swimming will lead you to spend a lot of time chasing it to no avail.
  • Instead, slowly creep up on it by swimming normally.
  • When you are right on top of it, dive quickly by pressing Y.
  • Doing this process will help you grab the creature easily.

If this doesn’t work, try cornering it into a net leaving it nowhere to go. It is at this time that you can dive and catch it because it will stop and then turn towards you. Basically, you have to trap this crab to capture it.


This is everything about the Red King Crab in ACNH. For more tips, keep reading our Animal Crossing New Horizons wiki.