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Where To Find Madam Nazar In Red Dead Online

Find Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online and start your journey as a collector.

There are various specialist roles in Red Dead Online that unlocks different missions in the game. The collector is one such role that allows you to collect and sell items. If you are planning to pursue the role of a Collector, Madam Nazar is the most important NPC you should care about. Madam Nazar is a fortune teller in the game who gives you the collector’s license. You can then collect and trade items with her to get valuable profit. Finding Madam Nazar, however, is challenging as her location keeps on changing every day. Thankfully there are alternative ways to find Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online.

Where to Find Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online – Location Guide

The initial meeting

To start as a Collector, you will have to meet her and get your license. For the first meet, she is always waiting for players in Cholla Springs which is to the North-West of Armadillo. The location for the initial meet is also marked on the map with a yellow icon. This makes it easy for players to find her for the very first time and receive their collector’s license.

Madam Nazar Locations

After the first meet, she keeps on changing her location every 24 hrs at 1:00 AM EST. This makes it challenging for players to find her. There are 12 different locations where Madam Nazar has set up her store until today. These 12 locations are as follows:

Cholla Springs: This is where you first met her for your collector’s license. Go to the North-West of Armadillo and she will be at her store set up by the road.

Eastern Heartlands: Go to Emerald Ranch and head South-West from there alongside the Lemoyne Border.

Roanoke Ridge: Reach Annesburg town, turn West and then travel Northwards on the main road. Continue your travel until you find her.

Rio Bravo: Once you are at Benedict Point, continue on the path of Rio Bravo Border. When the road curves, take East and move along the riverside. You will find her before you reach Plainview.

Bolger Glade: This is at almost midpoint of Saint Denis and Rhodes. You can reach her by either traveling West from Saint Denis or South from Rhodes.

Three Sisters: From Emerald Ranch, head North in the direction of O’Creagh’s Run lake.

Manteca Falls: Head South from Thieves Landing on the southernmost road. When you reach a little North to the Manteca Falls, you will see her.

Bluewater Marsh: Run South from Van Horn Trading Post to find her. You can also move North from Saint Denis, keep close to the Grave Marker.

Little Creek River: Travel North from Strawberry and then when you pass Big Valley head West along Little Creek River.

Cumberland Forest: Stick close to the Dakota River while heading North from Valentine.

Tall Trees: Head West from Blackwater and cross the Great Plains. You will find her when you are North from Manzanita Post.

Eastern Heartlands: Another Eastern Heartlands location. To reach this location, go South from Valentine while staying close to the Dakota River.

Use a Collector’s Map

Not everyone would want to look at every location to find her. Alternatively, you can use the collector’s map to find her. Madam Nazar will give you the first collector’s map for free and then you can buy another whenever you meet her. The collector’s map shows three rare items that you can collect. To use the map head on to the Satchel >> Documents >> Collector’s Map on the menu. However, this is a bit costly way of finding her.

Firstly, if you activate it, it will override the previous collector’s map. Hence, you should first find all the items from the collector’s map and then activate the next one. Secondly, Madam Nazar’s location will replace one of the lure items that was supposed to be shown on the map. Hence, it is advisable that if you have time, try to find her without the help of the collector’s map.

Start your trade with Madam Nazar

Once you find Madam Nazar, you can start trading with her. You can sell items that you have collected and are not useful to you. She can also sell you valuable items that can help complete tasks and missions in Red Dead Online.

That’s all you need to know about where to find Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online. You can also explore other specialist roles like the Naturalist role. The Naturalist role allows you to sedate animals and collects samples. Here’s how you can level it up fast. You can also find locations of Legendary Gator and find Legendary Elk through our guides, so check them out.