Where To Find Red Chuchu Jelly In Zelda TOTK

Here is our guide on where to get Red Chuchu Jelly in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Players can use Chuchu jellies in various ways like making Elixirs, upgrading their armors, dealing elemental damage, etc. Players can use them to their advantage throughout their campaign as they are not so hard to come across. There are 3 different types of Jelly that players will come across namely Red, Yellow, and White all with different uses. This guide covers the Red Chuchu Jelly and where you can find them in Zelda TOTK.

Players are aware of the Chuchu monsters and the self-exploding damage they do to Link. There are 4 different types of Chuchu monsters across the lands of Hyrule which are Plain, Fire, Electric, and Ice. These Chuchu monsters will help you obtain the specific jelly you want in the game.

Where to Get Red ChuChu Jelly in Zelda TOTK

red chuchu jelly tears of the kingdom
Image source: 100 Percent Zelda on YouTube

Players can obtain Red Chuchu Jelly either from the Plain Chuchu or the Fire Chuchu. You can find the Plain Chuchus pretty much all across the map as they are not hard to come by. If you are looking for Fire Chuchus, they prefer a warmer climate so one can find them in Eldin Canyon or Eldin Mountains. Players would have to head towards the northeast to reach both places. The closest Skyview Tower would be the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower (1637, 1182, 0225).

plain chuchu jelly zelda totk
Image source 100 Percent Zelda on YouTube

For players to obtain the Red Chuchu Jelly they would have to deal some damage to them after which they would self explode and die. However, you can only hit the Red Chuchu monster with a normal arrow to obtain Red Chuchu Jelly while if you encounter a Plain Chuchu monster to obtain the jelly you will have to hit him with an arrow fused with fire or any elementally charged weapon.

It is worth noting that you can also buy Red Chuchu Jelly at the Gerudo Town Arrows and Attachments Stall located in Gerudo Town (-3854, -2914, 0043).

That is everything on where to get Red Chuchu Jelly in Zelda TOTK. If you want to know more about the Travel Medallion and how you can use it to fast travel to a location you want, here is our guide.