How To Recruit And Use Mercenaries In Unicorn Overlord

Wondering how to hire mercenaries in Unicorn Overlord? Here’s all you need for it.

After talking with the Archer near Fort Rimitz, we get the Overworld Quest “Building an Army”. To complete the quest, we must recruit mercenaries in Unicorn Overworld. Finishing the task will give Renown, but that’s not all. Like the Archer said, they will work for the cause if you pay them. What it means is that you can assign them to your units to a certain limit. So, if you haven’t hired any of them, scroll down and follow the steps to get some.

Recruiting characters can be time-consuming, as there are conditions to fulfill. On the other hand, you can access and use this easily. In addition, you can even customize those mercenaries, including their Growth Types and Class.

How to Customize and Recruit Mercenaries in Unicorn Overlord

Customize and Recruit Mercenaries in Unicorn Overlord
Image Credit: chaosmirage92 on YouTube

Players can hire or recruit mercenaries from forts in exchange for the Honor. 64 is the limit for hiring. Each fort has limited types of classes, but not all are exclusive to a single fort. For example, Fort Rimitz has Housecarl, Hunter, and Thief. Similarly, Fort Herstann has Wyvern Knight, Pritzlasse Fortress has Legionnaire, and so on. As you keep completing the Liberation Quest, you will unlock different classes of mercenaries with the forts.

  • Head to any fort after taking the quest from the Archer near Fort Rimitz of Cornia.
  • Visit and select Hire.
  • Select the Class from the available ones.
  • Choose a name, stat growth types, base color, hair color, accent types, and voice.
  • Press Confirm and select Yes to hire the mercenary.

How to Assign Mercenaries to Unit

Just like the characters, make a slot for them in the unit formation and check the list of members available. This time, you will find the mercenary you hired. Add and use it. If you don’t have any empty units, select Expand Units from any fort and buy one with Honor.

That is all you need to know and do to recruit mercenaries in Unicorn Overlord. Want to expand your character list? Check how to get Ochlys and Gilbert.