How To Fix The Rec Not Working In NBA 2k22?

Read this guide to learn how you can fix The Rec not working issue in NBA 2k22.

A lot of players have come across an error that causes The Rec to not work properly in NBA 2k22. Because of this issue, players have been unable to take part in this mode of the game, which can be rather frustrating. If you are one of those players who has had the misfortune of facing this bug, do not worry. In this guide, we will show you the fix for this issue.

How to Fix NBA 2k22 The Rec Not Working?

the rec not working bug issue fix

Check your Internet Connection to fix NBA 2k22 The Rec Not Working

Because The Rec in NBA 2k22 is a mode that focuses on matchmaking with other players, it is completely dependant on the internet working well. On most occasions, players of the game tend to face an issue in The Rec because of internet issues.

Because of this, we recommend you first check your internet connection. If you wish to, you can launch any other game that requires an internet connection to be absolutely sure your internet is the culprit.

If your internet is not working well, you can try getting it fixed or just swap networks and try all over again.

Restart the Game

The next best solution to The Rec not working issue is to restart the game. Chances are, a simple reboot might just about do the trick. You should carry out this step once you have absolutely verified that your internet is working smoothly as it should be.

Restart your System

If a simple game restart fails to do the trick and does not result in the issue getting rectified, you might need to go ahead and just reboot your system altogether. Depending on the platform you use to play NBA 2k22, you will need to follow the relevant instructions to restart the system. Once you finish the rebooting process, try launching the game again and try to play The Rec. Doing so might fix the error.

Check for Updates

Chances are, you might be coming across the error in The Rec because of uninstalled updates. While such games usually tend to update themselves automatically based on any new releases by the developer, you might need to check for them manually. To do so, you will need to head into your respective gaming platform’s store and search for NBA 2k22. Once you find the game, you will need to check if there are any pending updates. If there are any of these updates, download them and then restart the game.

If your game is already up-to-date, you might need to wait for a future update. Since the game is still quite new, you might come across such issues initially. You do not need to worry though, because patches will surely be on the game. You can also visit the official NBA 2k22 Twitter page to check for news and updates.

These were all of the possible solutions to The Rec not working in NBA 2k22. The most likely culprit could be a malfunctioning internet connection, so the fix is most likely quite simple. Just remember to follow all of the steps in this guide, and you should be good to go!

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