When Are The Destiny 2 Reaper & Dynamo Mods Coming Back? (Explained)

Wondering what's the fuss about? Check out our guide that explains when is the Reaper and Dynamo Mods coming back in Destiny 2.

If you are wondering why are the Reaper and Dynamo mods not working in Destiny 2, don’t worry as you are not alone. These armor mods were introduced during the Lightfall expansion. You can use the Reaper mod to create an Orb of Power by using your Class ability and finishing your opponent. While you can use the Dynamo Mods to reduce the Super Cooldown using your Class ability near close enemies. But due to some issues, both mods have been disabled in-game. This has got several players wondering if these mods will be returning. Not to worry, check out our guide that explains the entire issue and when are the Destiny 2 Reaper & Dynamo Mods coming back.

Why is the Destiny 2 Reaper Mod Disabled & Not Working

when are disabled destiny 2 reaper dynamo mods coming back explained

The Reaper mod was disabled due to players exploiting it to get free Orbs of Power to get Supercharged constantly. While players have to use their class ability and a final blow to their enemies to activate the Orb, players could do it multiple times endlessly. As players started using the exploit by equipping multiple Reaper mods in Crucible, other players had to face in-game balance issues. Likewise, the Dynamo Mod also broke and faced similar balance issues.

Due to this, Bungie had to temporarily disable the Reaper and Dynamo Armor mods. They confirmed it on the official Twitter account of Bungie Help with no follow-up statement. You can check out the entire Tweet thread over here.

When are the Reaper & Dynamo Mods Coming Back

The answer to that question is unconfirmed as there is no word from the devs at Bungie as of now. While they stated that these mods are “temporarily disabled”, there is no word if these mods will be coming back. So, we suggest players keep their patience and calm as it will mostly be returning.

Hopefully, Bungie will fix the glitches or issues in Reaper & Dynamo mods in future updates or patches. But as for the question “When?”, that only time can tell. We will make sure to update this guide when that happens. In the meanwhile, you can check out the Destiny 2 Seasons list for all the start and end release dates.

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