Destiny 2: Desperate Measures Mission Guide

Complete the Lightfall campaign with this guide on the last mission Desperate Measures.

Destiny 2’s newest DLC Lightfall Expansion is finally out and fans can’t get enough of it. A new campaign that takes players to Neptune to fight off the mysterious Shadow Legion is one of the highlights of the DLC. The campaign’s road ends at the mission Desperate Measures where you must face the Campaign’s final boss Calus. But many players seem to be running into some problems during the mission. Here’s a quick guide to help you complete Desperate Measures in Destiny 2.

How to complete Desperate Measures in Destiny 2

desperate measure destiny 2

Start the mission by going to Strider’s Gate in Neomuna and enter the Lightfall campaign. You should be at a recommended power of 1750 to successfully attempt the final mission.
You now need to make your way to the Irkalla Complex. Use your Sparrow and follow the map to the marked location. Cabal enemies will spawn here to stop you, defeat them and enter the Complex.

A barrier now stands in your path. Shoot the tanks at the door to disable it. Continue on the mission path by following the map. Here you can drop your Rally Banner and summon the Strand.
A fleet of Cabal Threshers now stands in your way and you’ll need to take out their AA Guns. Use your grapple hook to reach the ships and fight the Shadow Guards. The gun control panel is shielded, killing all the guards and other enemies will lower it. You’ll need to do this a few times more until you come across a Tormenter, deactivate the final shield by pressing the button.

Make your way through the complex and secure the turrets. You can now use the Nimbus Orbital Laser and your Strand abilities to defeat the next wave of enemies that include two goliath tanks. Now comes the final wave of enemies that you need to defeat while you defend the Vault. Use all the weapons and skills in your arsenal (and your allies) to last out the fight until Calus opens the vault entrance.

Walk to the end of the tunnel until you face Emperor Calus. Calus is a tough boss thanks to his two health bars and ability to call airstrikes. Constant damage and quick use of your grapple to dodge incoming airstrikes are good strategies to use. Check out our boss guide on How to beat Calus for more information. Once you beat Calus, the mission is complete.

That’s all there is to completing Desperate Measures in Destiny 2. Check out our guide on What are Defiant Battlegrounds and other Destiny 2 guides here on Gamer Tweak.