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How to Verify Minecraft Realms Live Server Status?

Unable to connect to Minecraft Realms? Here is a way to checkout the live server status.

Minecraft Realms lets you enter into different worlds and play with friends. If you have subscribed to Realms you can make your own server and invite your friends. This is a kind of a paid service by Minecraft developers. Sometimes players are unable to join servers due to various reasons. Two common ones are, technical issues at the user’s end and second Minecraft servers are down. If you are looking for help on how to verify if Minecraft Realms servers are live or not then keep reading.

How to Check Minecraft Realms Live Server Status?

Minecraft Realms Server Status

Click on this Link to verify the live server status. It will take you to the official Twitter handle of Mojang Studios where the developer regularly updates technical issues. If servers are down then you will get a notification regarding the same. They also notify when the server is going up. Realms servers are down due to maintenance or other technical bugs. For example the below Tweet where the studio has updated about issue where players were unable to access the Realms. If you need to report something directly to the developers then visit the Mojang Bug Reporting site. Signup and you can specifically report any issue you are facing. Or else you can directly reply to the Tweet or DM them on Twitter.

In case everything is going well and still, you are unable to access Minecraft Realms then check out our troubleshooting guide. We had covered up common fixes that will help you to resolve network-related issues with Minecraft Realms. The guide will help you to solve problems on both Java and Bedrock editions. Basic fixations like rebooting your PC or verifying internet stability are good enough to resolve the connectivity issue. But if the servers are down then there is nothing you can do. You will have to wait to get them back online.

Also one important if you are trying to access Minecraft Realms on a console like a Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation you will need to buy their subscription plan. Like PS Plus or Switch Online Membership. Without this subscription, you cannot enter into Realms. The process to start a Realm is simple, if you have the right edition you will see the Minecraft Realms button on the main menu. A separate option other than Single or Multiplayer. Click on that and you will see active Realms, you can also search for the same on the game.