How To Get To World 2 In ASTD

Check out how to get to World 2 in ASTD.

Wondering how to reach World 2 in ASTD? Then this guide is made just for you. The World 2 update in All Star Tower Defense brings a plethora of content for players. This includes new units, emotes, bosses, story missions, and much more. But the game does not specify how to reach this new world. To help you out, we will tell you how to reach World 2 in All Star Tower Defense.

How to Get to World 2 in All Star Tower Defense (ASTD)

World 2 Entrance in ASTD
Image Source: Sensei Diablo on Youtube

To unlock World 2 in ASTD, you must reach level 100. Then, head over to the Serpent’s Way and enter the portal. Once you enter, you will be transported to the World 2 lobby. As we mentioned, this area is full of content. Here are some of the aspects of this area:


The Shop in this area is to the south of the spawn. In this area, you will find the Capsule Machine, Boss Shop, Emote Shop, and Orb Shop. Apart from these, there will be new shops with the new updates. In the boss shop, you can buy Broly for 3000 Emeralds. These bosses are used in PvP mode. You can also buy Orbs to upgrade the units by increasing their stats or giving them abilities.

Free Gems, Gold, and Stardust In ASTD World 2

To the southeast of the spawn, you will find the Time Chamber. The mechanics of this chamber is similar to World One’s variant. You will get free Gems, Gold, and Stardust by going AFK in the chamber.

Z Banner

To the north of the spawn, you will find the Z Banner. This banner contains 6-Star units and you’ll need Emeralds to buy them. For a single summon you will need 5 Emeralds while to summon 10 units, you will need 450 Emeralds.

Apart from these, there are more areas to explore. Moreover, you will encounter a new type of enemy called Rage. It will run faster as its health decreases.

That’s all from us on how to get to World 2 in ASTD. For more helpful guides like How to Get Star Fruit, make sure you visit our Roblox guides section.