Necklace Stone Guide Resident Evil Village – Two Rubies Location

Resident Evil Village Two Holes Necklace Stone complete guide. Here is how to farm Lei Money in resident evil village with this necklace puzzle.

Dimitrescu’s Necklace is a Necklace with two holes in Resident Evil Village. There are in total their parts of this item, first is the necklace itself, second is Pigeon Blood Ruby and third is Large Pigeon Blood Ruby. Combining all three completes the Necklace with two holes in Re Village.

How to Complete the Necklace With Two Holes?

You will need to find the Well Wheel, an item used to pull out the basket from the well in the village area. Here is a guide on how to find the well wheel in RE Village. You will need the Iron Insignia Key which is hidden inside the Piano in the castle. Refer to this link – How to find Iron Insignia Key in RE Village?

Once you have the weapon wheel you will have to progress to kill Moreau the fish monster. You will find Moreau after defeating Lady Dimitrescu. Exit the castle and reach an altar with multiple gates. Each gate requires a Winged Key to unlock. If you need help refer to the below walkthrough videos to find the winged key.

  1. Two Winged Key
  2. Four Winged Key
  3. Six Winged Key

Defeat Moreau and then return to the village. All parts of two hole necklace are hidden inside three different wells in the village area. Below are the map locations of each well and do not forget to carry a crank after defeating the sea monster.

Necklace With 2 Holes – Main Necklace Location

Resident Evil Village Necklace Wheel Map Location

Follow the map to find the necklace with two holes in the village area. It is near to the graveyard at the backside of the house. Use the well wheel to pull the necklace out of it. Now it’s time to find the two rubies to complete this necklace.

Necklace With 2 Holes – Pigeon Blood Ruby Location

Resident Evil Village Necklace Ruby Location

The next item is the small Pigeon Ruby, it is inside a small case on the roof of a house. In the above map location, you can see the blue gate, you will need a Crank to open it. Crank will be found after defeating Moreau. Unlock the door and walk through the mountain and then jump off the roof as showing the map. Grab the Pigeon Blood Ruby which is the second part of Necklace with two holes in Resident Evil Village.

Necklace With 2 Holes – Large Pigeon Blood Ruby Location

Do you remember the bridge guarded by werewolves after coming out of the castle? The final part of the Necklace with two holes is in this region. There is another small bridge on the left end of the wooden bridge. You will need a crank to lower it to access a boat. Follow the stream towards the north to reach an abandoned cabin in the woods. Use the crank again to lower a small bridge towards the cabin.

Resident Evil Village Second Necklace Ruby Location

Go inside and jump from the window on the back to access the well. Use the well wheel to pull out stairs to travel down. The second ruby is in the case behind the locked prison door. There is a small puzzle to unlock the door, follow the steps below.

  1. Climb on the wooden platform on the right of the door.
  2. Go on the top and see on your right end corner for a control panel with green and white lights.
  3. Press the 2nd white light on the first row, and then press the first white light.
  4. Now move the two carts away, one of them will fall down.
  5. Return to the control panel, and jump down from left.
  6. Walk right and you will be able to enter the other side of the prison via a hole in the roof.

Resident Evil Village Necklace with Two Stone

Go down and collect the Large Pigeon Blood Ruby which completes the Necklace with Two Holes in Resident Evil Village mission. Return to Duke and you can sell this for 50000 Lei cions. That is quite a load of money. Want more treasure then check this link – RE Village Wiki.