How to get RARE Villagers & Islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

By Nikita
3 Min Read

There’s a trick that’s being widely shared on social media which tells you a way to get rare villagers and islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. What are rare islands? They are basically those islands that have items, collectibles and resources which are not easily available. Money Rock island, Hybrid Flower island and Tarantula island are some of them.

If you end up on such rare islands, you can invite specific rare villagers (like octopi, cows, bulls, hippos etc) to your island too. But remember that villagers will only appear on these islands if you have space for them on your island. If not, the rare islands will be deserted.

What is the Airport Trick to Get Rare Islands and Villagers?

The process goes something like this:

  • Get a Nook Miles ticket from the Nook Stop at Resident Services
  • Print it out and take it along with you
  • Visit the airport and meet Orville, the cute Dodo bird
  • Make him blush by clapping for him
  • He will talk to you about using your Nook Miles ticket
  • Take the flight and you will end up on a rare island

There are many versions of this process that are going viral – some say that you have to carry a shovel with you to the airport, some say that Orville needs to be at his computer when you see him and some say that Orville has to blush the first time you the enter the airport.

This trick has worked for some and hasn’t worked for others, which means that it is not foolproof. Players have said that there’s just a 60% chance of getting access to a rare island, while many skeptical players have claimed that it’s randomly generated and there’s no way to guarantee it.

You can try out this trick yourself to find out. Maybe you will be lucky enough to get a rare island on your first try!

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