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What Is Rampart’s Weakness And Who To Pair Her With In Apex Legends Season 6

Rampart's Weakness Can Leave You Open For Attack But Pairing With The Perfect Legends Can Make You Unstoppable

Rampart’s weaknesses have been revealed in Apex Legends, she is the latest character to join the battle royale’s expanding roster. If you like to know how to defeat her on day one, read the rest of this article.

What Are Rampart’s Weaknesses In Apex Legends


Before you jump on to check out how to exploit Rampart’s weaknesses, you should try and understand what type of character she is. Rampart will commence Season 6 in Apex Legends and will bring customizability with modding weapons along with a brand new one that will help characters blow their enemies away.

Rampart is a character that is synonymous with burst fire with high damage, all her abilities point towards her holding down a place and blasting her opponents with her over the top attacks like putting down a shield for herself and her teammates and using the minigun to obliterate opponents.

This is a great ability but it also keeps her stationery and fixed to a single position, anyone who has played Apex Legends knows that being in one place will make you vulnerable and open to attacks.


This is where Rampart is the weakest, whenever you see Rampart with her turret set up, throw a couple of grenades which will either make her run away from the place of cause enough damage that you will be able to take her down with additional firepower.

Rampart’s abilities make her one of the best defensive characters to hold down a fort but with the lack of mobility it should prove to be a huge issue, this tip was given by one of the devs working on Apex Legends on Reddit.

While the abilities can leave her open for attack, Apex Legends has always been about a team effort and you can pair her up with different characters.


Best Characters To Pair With Rampart in Apex Legends

If you are excited about Rampart and want to check out what character she can pair up with to make her unstoppable, you should really pair her up with Wattson and Lifeline. All three of them can combine their abilities and make an impenetrable area that can stop bullets, grenades, and even ultimates.

This will make a formidable defensive team that can literally invincible if in the hands of the right person.


It looks like there will be a lot of pairing between Rampart and Wattson as soon as Season 6 of Apex Legends rolls over on August 17th.

If you’re excited about the crossplay feature coming to Apex Legends, you should definitely check this out.

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