Apex Legends Crossplay Release Date And All You Need To Know

Here's everything you need to know about Apex Legends Crossplay launch.

Apex Legend will soon be getting cross-play support, which means player will be able to team up and compete with their friends irrespective of what platforms they are using. If you are curious to know about Apex Legends’ crossplay, here’s everything you need to know.

Apex Legends Cross-play release date: When will it out?

Respawn Entertainment might have confirmed to introduce Apex Legends crossplay during fall 2020 but they have not revealed the exact release date as of now. A few days back, they announced Apex Legends will soon have crossplay support, which will cover Origin, Steam, PS4, and Xbox One platforms.

Apart from PS4, Xbox and Origin, the video game developer had revealed that they will also introduce Apex Legends to Nintendo Switch, which will be supported by the rest of the platforms.

Taking to video sharing app, TikTok, software engineer Jake Smullin revealed that players will only be in crossplay lobbies with PC players if they have a PC player on their team.

“Wanted to clear something up about crossplay,” Smullin said through his TikTok video.

“Have been seeing lots of console players worrying… but don’t. Everyone should be excited! So, please, no more ‘not crossplay, PC is gonna dominate us’. Crossplay is going to be huge for Apex Legends,” he added.

For the unversed, Apex Legends will be appeared on Switch this autumn, and a soft mobile launch is likely to be taken place later this year.  According a Eurogamer report, Apex Legends will have a soft launch on mobile by the end of 2020.

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