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How To Farm & Get Radiant Shards In Cookie Run Kingdom

Wondering how to farm and get Radiant Shards in Cookie Run Kingdom? Check out this guide.

Cookie Run Kingdom is an RPG & city-building battle simulator. You have to use a team of Cookies and attack multiple enemies on each level. At this point you may have received Radiant Shards by completing few objectives. But how can you farm and get Radiant Shards in Cookie Run Kingdom and are the useful? Yes they are useful and will come in use in later stage of the game. So check out this guide and gather all you need so you can farm and get them yourself.

How to Farm & Get Radiant Shards in Cookie Run Kingdom


Find Radiant Shards Cookie Run Kingdom
Image Source: Kodeations (YouTube)

Since the update you must have received 200 Radiant Shards in your inbox and collected a few more from different objectives. These Radiant Shards will come to use as currencies in the Hall of Ancient Heroes and Statue of Heroic Radiance.

You can also purchase additional slots for cookies in exchange of 1570 Radiant Shards. And you need these shards to upgrade the Statue of Heroic Radiance.


So here are some ways you can try to farm and get these shards –

  • Go to the Tree of Wishes daily chest rewards.
  • Travel to the Fountain of Abundance and you might get your hands on some Radiant Shards.
  • Another RNG farm method would be the Episode 5: Tainted Forest of the Balloon Dock.
  • Head over to the Kingdom Arena and go to the Medal Shop. You can get 100 shards there and buy them 6 times every single reset.
  • Another good farming spot would be the Seaside Market. You can purchase another 40 shards.

With the new update players old or new can be sure that Radiant Shards will be an important resource in the game. That’s all there is on how to farm and get Radiant Shards in Cookie Run Kingdom. While you are here, make sure you check out our guides, tips and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.