Rainbow Six Extraction – How To Ping Nest?

Here's our guide on how to ping nest in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction.

Nests are the bizarre-looking growing biomass by the Chimera parasite. These nests serve as spawn points of Archaeans by reproducing and giving quadruple birth to several Archaeans. As Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction, you and your allies have to destroy them. It is like neutralizing the threat even before it comes to existence. You can either shoot or melee-hit these nests to destroy them. You and your allies will be given several objectives where you will encounter these nests. At that point, it is important to ping your allies about the threats around you. It can either be an Archenean or a location of the Nest or just to keep a track of the objectives. So, here’s our guide on how to ping your allies in Rainbow Six Extraction.

How to Ping Nest in Rainbow Six Extraction?

rainbow six extraction ping nest

  • Press the Up key on the D-pad while you aim at the location to ping your allies in Rainbow Six Extraction.
  • While pressing the up key pings your allies, pressing and holding the Up key on the D-pad allows you to open the chat wheel.

Pinging your allies can prove extremely helpful and critical if you are in a stealth situation. You can ping a location to your allies for not only threats but also rewards and loots. In addition to rewards, you can also ping your allies for ammo and other resources. As you ping a location to your allies, the previous location that you had marked disappears. Along with ping, you can also scan your enemies to see enemies through walls with Recon drones. Scanning your enemies through drones mark the location permanently and reward you with extra XP.

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