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Starfield Quantum Essence: How To Get & Use

Quantum Essence is a rare item that enhances your Starborn abilities in Starfield. But do you know how to use it?

As you embark on your journey through the vastness of Starfield, you may come across many new and exciting discoveries. Among these wonders, however, one substance that stands out as particularly enigmatic – Quantum Essence. This rare and powerful material has been shrouded in mystery throughout the game. But fear not, as we’ll explain Quantum Essence and how it can be used in Starfield.

How to Get Quantum Essence in Starfield

What Is Quantum Essence In Starfield? (Explained)

Quantum Essence is a restorative item that accelerates the replenishment of your Power. It allows you to utilize your Starborn abilities more rapidly for 60 seconds.

Starborn enemies drop it. They will begin appearing after completing the Starborn quest early in the game. They show up most often between a quarter to halfway through the main story.

Starborn enemies can be found in the following locations:

  • Near artifacts and temples after collecting a new Power from a temple. Defeating enemies near these locations may cause Starborn to spawn.
  • Their spawn rate increases as you progress further in the main questline.
  • Upon approaching quest markers or landmarks, Starborn may phase into the area and engage you in combat.

How to Use Quantum Essence

Unlike other items in Starfield, Quantum Essence cannot be found in your standard inventory. Instead, it can only be accessed through the Power menu once you have completed certain main quests. When you enter this menu, you will see a section dedicated to Quantum Essence at the bottom left.

With Quantum Essence active, you can expect a significant increase in your ability to perform actions within a short time. The effect is temporary, and if you want to maintain the buff, you must continue to consume Quantum Essence..

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