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Why Is Pyromancer Banned In FFXIV?

Heard about Pyromancer getting banned in FFXIV but don't know why he got banned? Learn all about it and if it could be a problem for the community.

Update: At the time of writing this update, Pyromancer is no longer banned in FFXIV. Below, you will find the original article that was posted.

Another popular Final Fantasy XIV Streamer Pyromancer got banned. There have been other Streamers that have also gotten banned by the game. And we can see these bans take place after the introduction of the new Terms of Service. So without further ado, let us check why Pyromancer got banned in FFXIV and if this could be a problem for the community.


Why is Pyromancer Banned in Final Fantasy XIV?

pyromancer is banned in final fantasy xiv

Pyromancer got banned in FFXIV for using 3rd Party Software. Two days prior to the ban, Naoki Yoshida the producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV, addressed the issue of using 3rd Party Software in the game. You should check out the entire post here. The updated Terms of Service (ToS) strictly prohibits the use of any third-party software. Hence we can see why he got banned.


It is important to know that the software he was using allowed him to change his UI. So while he wasn’t exactly cheating or directly harming other players in the game. The community is divided on why the ban is or is not justified. So whether you think the ban was right or not the fact still stands that he got banned. But there is speculation that he didn’t simply get banned but rather was a target of brigading. You can check this on the post below by Arthars on Twitter. In his post, you can see the two screenshots related to the brigading.


It is also concerning because the Streamer got banned just a while after his rant on the enforcement of new ToS about add-ons. So all the more reason to believe he was targeted rather than merely banned.

Could this become a problem for the FFXIV community?

While a streamer getting banned might not look like a problem, the issue here is about the community. FFXIV community is considered to be one of the welcoming communities. But now that there are people that not only want the rules to be enforced but make sure that they are enforced, can intimidate newer players. So on one hand it is good that there will be fewer cheaters in the game. It also is worrisome for the ones that are not cheating but rather just want to make the game more personalized for themselves.


As a closure, if you are a new player in the game it is best if you follow the ToS and rules of the game. This will help you avoid getting into any trouble.

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