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FFXIV: How To Get Optional Tea Emote & Should You Buy?

Fancy a cuppa, lads? Check out our guide on how to get the optional Tea Emote in FFXIV.

Do you know one hell of a way to communicate? Emotes! There’s a plethora of emotes that you can use for different purposes in FFXIV. These emotes can be used to express or troll a player. With different gestures, you can also use these emotes to express your inner feelings and inhibitions. Recently, a brand new emote has been added to the long list of emotes and it is piping hot. Because it’s a tea emote that can be used to gossip around with your friends. Imagine an intense fight with your enemies while you sip a cup of tea. Fascinating, innit lads? So, here’s our guide on how to get the optional tea to emote in FFXIV.

How to Get Drink Tea Emote in FFXIV


You can purchase the Drink Tea emote for $7 by heading over to the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store. Once you click on the Add to Cart option, you will be directed to the Mogstation. Enter your login credentials and then, purchase the emote. In addition to this emote, you also get a unique manual of the Ballroom etiquette.

ffixiv tea emote
Image Source – Axiom on YouTube.

You can redeem this emote and manual for one player each. If you want to equip this emote on other players, you might need to purchase it again. You can use the tea emote while standing as well as sitting. What I loved about this emote specifically, is the swirling tea inside that cup. It looks much real but is it worth spending 7 dollars? Scroll till the end to find out.


Is the Tea Emote Worth it?

While it is completely totally up to you if you need this emote for the characters in FFXIV, make sure to check other emotes too. As mentioned, there is a wide range of emotes that can be used. There’s an emote with a Eureka gesture, a toasting gesture, and even playing dead. You can get these emotes depending on your uses. For me, the tea emote seemingly works as it looks cool. But there’s a possibility that it does not suit or work out for you.

Coming to the question, the Drink Tea emote is worth spending the standard price of $7. Although it all squares down to your requirements and uses. There are some other emotes with the poses of different Power rangers that you can use while grinding with your friends. Head over to the FFXIV Online store to check out more emotes with different gestures.


That’s all on how to get the optional tea to emote in FFXIV. If you liked this guide, check out our other FFXIV guides right here on Gamer Tweak.