How To Beat The Puffton Family Mini-Boss In Sons Of The Forest (Location)

Here is where you can find the new Puffton Family Mini-Boss in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest has a new mini-boss known as the Puffton Family, and players want to know its location. But that isn’t the only thing Patch 01 has brought for the game. You can now find Binoculars, a Hang Glider, use Defensive Walls, and more. But let us not digress to those. So here is where you can find and how to beat the Puffton Family in Sons of the Forest.

Puffton Family Mini-Boss Location in Sons of the Forest

where to find the puffton family mini boss location in sons of the forest
Image Credit: GameSteed on YouTube

You can find the new mini-boss at the Food and Dining Bunker in this game. But to actually get to the room you will first need to get the Maintenance keycard which you can find at Maintenance Hatch A. The Bunker is quite close to the hatch. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Go to the Maintenance A hatch and get the Maintenance keycard.
  2. Next, head northwest from here to find the Cave Entrance to the Food And Dining Bunker.
  3. Use the staircase to go down.
  4. Explore the bunker around and collect any food or other items you can find. This step is optional. If you did go exploring, get back to the room with the staircase.
  5. Use the Maintenance keycard on the door on the right.
  6. Keep going straight past several lab rooms filled with various plants.
  7. Follow the natural path and go down to reach an area filled with water.
  8. The path to the boss room is quite linear, on the way you can take left to get to the room where you find the VIP keycard.
  9. So keep going forward and you will reach the double doors where the Puffton family mini-boss is.

Open the doors using the keycard and the boss fight will start.

How to Beat the Puffton Family Mini-Boss

You can beat the Puffton Family mini-boss in this game by attacking them with headshots. Having a shotgun is recommended for this fight but any good ranged weapon like a crossbow or revolver can also work. There are two mutants that you have to fight. Both of them have good speed and will attack you simultaneously.

Equip your shotgun or other ranged weapon. And as soon as they come to attack you shoot them in the head. That is the fastest way to chip their health away. Once you deal enough damage to both, you will defeat them.

That covers this guide on the location where you can find the Puffton Family Mini-Boss in Sons of the Forest and how to Beat them. Remember to check out our Sons of the Forest Wiki to get more help with this game.