Maps In PUBG To Get A Makeover With More Real Estate And Loot

The maps in PUBG might be in for a makeover as a leak on Reddit suggested that Erangel, it’s very first map is going to get a host of new building and a lot more of loot inside them.

The developers of PUBG released a statement confirming this but added that though the leaks did suggest a few changes they do now, however, show the entire picture and that more is on the way.

Loot balance is also being looked at which might bring more loot to areas who have scarce and a host of real estate which will see buildings pop up in barren areas which will give players, more room to hide and plan out their strategies.

This could very well mean that after Erangel we might get to see more maps being changed and that the very structure of the game being refreshed. This is indeed good as a lot of players had gotten familiar with all the maps of the game and this new change will certainly bring back players curious to see the changes being made to the game.

PUBG is available for PC, Xbox, PS4, Android and iOS devices

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