Does PUBG Support Cross Platform?

Here is a guide that will answer whether PUBG is on Cross Platform.

PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds, or better known as PUBG, is the game that changed the face of battle royale games forever. It kickstarted the genre into its popular self today. Although it is shadowed by its successors like Fortnite, its effects and presence are still felt in the Gaming Community. The big question is PUBG on Cross Platform? Here I am going to answer that question.

Is Cross Platform supported?


PUBG is available on multiple platforms like PC, PS4, Xbox, and Mobile. These platforms play in their player bases. Until October of 2019 where Cross play was introduced. But the Cross Platform update isn’t what you expect. This update only allowed Console players to play against or with each other. So your friends on Xbox One could play with you who have a PS4. PC and Mobile platforms are exclusive to each other and nor can they play with the Console players.

Why is it only for Console Players?

When you own a Console, Xbox One, or PS4, most likely you are going to use a Controller. This makes it obvious that Console Platforms should be able to play against or with each other as the mechanics of the game are similar if not the same. Cross Platform in PUBG between them makes a lot of sense. This similarity is broken when we talk about Mobile or PC. With the Mouse aim from PC and Touch aim from Mobile, it will be difficult to balance them. It makes sense to keep PC, Mobile and Console player bases separate as the level of skill difference will make the game unbearable to play for most players. So Cross Platform will be difficult to be implemented in PUBG.

It is also easier to update the platforms separately. As for Consoles, it isn’t as easy as they have to have their updates reviewed and approved by Microsoft and Sony for their respective Consoles. This puts a delay on the overall updates so instead of keeping everyone waiting, releasing the update periodically on other platforms first would be easier.

Hopefully, this guide has helped to answer doubts about the Cross Platform features of PUBG. You can also check our guides on Redeemable Codes on Mobile and Miramar Map in PUBG Mobile.