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PUBG Mobile: 2 Large Maps & Remake of Miramar Announced

The fans of PUBG can look forward to two extensive new maps in the course of the year, as a well-known map is being completely revised with Miramar. There should also be new weapons and means of transport, but no details have been given.

PUBG Mobile: 2 Large Maps and Remake of Miramar


The Battle Royale title PUBG will receive two new maps in the course of this year, each with an area of ​​64 km². This means that the future battlefields will be a bit more extensive again.

In addition, Miramar, an existing desert map, is to be completely revised. The map has already received a revision, which gave it a new look and solved several problems. With the next update, a significantly larger revision is to be made, in which the newly implemented technologies are taken into account. This includes performance, lighting and graphics in general.

You will notice visible changes, especially in the terrain, the textures of houses and the layouts. Annoying barricades are also removed to make movement easier. Because the map is now structured much more vertically, several cliffs are also adjusted. The revision should take place soon.


The two new maps are being developed under the code names “Tiger” and “Kiki.” More details about the first map were not announced, but a respawn function will be introduced, as we know it from Call of Duty: Warzone. The developers were often asked why they decided to do this. There is also talk of other new functions.

The second map, on the other hand, will be introduced towards the end of the year or maybe at the beginning of next year. A wide variety of areas await you here, such as an underground laboratory, skyscraper, or underwater areas. This is supposed to be the most varied menu to date. Further information will be announced later this year.

Finally, in addition to the maps mentioned, the developers announced a whole range of new weapons, means of transport, and objects.