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PS5 Will Definitely Be More Stronger Then Project Scarlet – Rumor

New PlayStation Will Take Back The Title Of Most Power Console

PS5 rumors had started heating up spreading leaks that are not easy to ignore. Andrew Reiner from GameInformer tweeted that PS5 is more powerful than Project Scarlet. Microsoft revealed upcoming Xbox once again as one of the most powerful consoles this time powered by SSD and a much higher hardware config capable to deliver seamless 8K resolution and a stable 120fps.

Sony on the other side is quiet about PS5, but as per certain rumor, this console is capable of taking back the crown of world’s strongest console. But however, it lacks concrete details on the exact hardware config that powers PS5.

During E3 2019, Phil Spencer revealed the new Xbox will 40 times more powerful than the current model and it will be revealed in the year 2020. Running on the next-gen custom design process with Navi-tech from AMD the console is capable of providing 4x more power than Xbox One X. Also, new Xbox will be the first console to have SSD that adds tremendous power the processing backed by GDDR6.

For PS5 all we can find is rumors, if Sony is planning something way better than the new Xbox then there are chances we will see a much higher hardware upgrade then what Microsoft pitched during E3 2019. Microsoft already promised 8K resolution, what could be next?

Source: Comicbook.com