Phil Spencer Reveals New Xbox At E3 2019 – Project Scarlet


Phil Spencer at Xbox briefing in E3 2019 announces the brand new Xbox console with high-performance hardware capable enough to deliver 40 times more power than the current model. This new console called Project Scarlet will be revealed in the year 2020.

Powered by next-gen custom design processor and Navi tech from AMD the console is 4x more powerful than Xbox One X. GDDR6 offers high bandwidth and for the first time a console with an SSD capable enough to deliver seamless 8K resolution and a stable 120fps.

Project Scarlet will be running on new generation SSD’s that will be used as a virtual ram to deliver high-end graphics with minimum efforts needed. Phil Spencer also announced the new console will be coming with Halo with a short reveal trailer of the amazing game designed to challenge the gaming limits.