PS5 Price & Release Date To Be Announced on July 13, Insider Says

The rumor about the PS5 release date and price is pretty shaky. But should the statements of Roberto Serrano be correct, we will know from July 13, 2020, when the PS5 will be released and what amount of money Sony would like to have for it. Pre-orders should also start on the same day.

We know how the PS5 looks like. It is known which hardware works inside. However, we do not know on which day the next-gen console will appear and what amount of money prospective customers have to invest if they want to get the PlayStation 5.

These are open questions that may be answered shortly. According to Roberto Serrano, who has garnered past PS5 rumors, the price and release date will be revealed on July 13, 2020. At the same time, pre-orders should start.

When asked who shared this information with Roberto Serrano, he said, “I’ve my sources inside the entertainment industry.” The supposed insider does not want to be really nailed down, however. At the end of his testimony, he put a “TBC”. It stands for “To Be Confirmed” and is usually used when something is not certain.

The early start of the PS5 pre-orders would at least not be unusual. In the case of the PS4, which came onto the market in November 2013, the dealers accepted pre-orders much earlier. Amazon started in May 2013, but with a placeholder price. The price was adjusted after the official announcement in June 2013.

If the information of Roberto Serrano is correct, the date and price could be revealed as part of a stream or a suddenly appearing post on the official PlayStation Blog. A large-scale event has not yet been announced.

Another rumor speaks against the forecast. Microsoft looks set to host a major Xbox Series X event on July 20, 2020. It is questionable whether Sony wants to lead in front of the Redmond family. According to analysts, Microsoft is keen to respond to the price of the PS5 in order to undercut it if possible.

But at some point, one of the two major console manufacturers has to take the first step. Should the PS5 and Xbox Series X hit the market in November, pre-orders and other preparations are currently less than five months away.