“PS5 Is Next-Gen Product, But We’ve Got A Lot To Come for People on PS4,” PlayStation Marketing Head Confirms

At the end of the hands-on livestream of DualSense, PS5 wireless controller, conducted by the journalist Geoff Keighley, the organizer of the Summer Game Fest also had the opportunity to speak with Eric Lempel, head of marketing for PlayStation.

During this interview, Lempel revealed that the announcement of the PS5 pre-orders will take place at different notice and that at a certain point they will start talking about new PS5 and DualSense color schemes, but there have been statements made to PS4, the Sony platform of this generation, which will soon upgrade with the 8.00 update.

More specifically, Lempel reiterated that the Japanese company believes in the concept of generations, and that PS4 still remains very important for Sony and that it is a console that will receive new games for some time, although more specific details have not been discussed.

“We believe that all of these things combined, as well as all the other great PS5 features we’ve spoken about, really lead to a next-generation experience,” Lempel said. “In many cases, we can’t take everybody with us from previous consoles into that experience. You need new hardware, you need new devices to experience what these developers want you to experience.”

“PlayStation 4 is a big part of everything we do, and will continue to be a big part of everything we do,” he continued. “There is a lot more to come from PlayStation 4. I think we’re seeing some of the greatest titles of this generation release in recent weeks, and that will continue. PlayStation 5 is the next-generation product, but we’ve got a lot to come for people on PlayStation 4. There’s still a ton of life in that product.”

Sony, therefore, intends to support PS4 for a few more years, which will surely receive in the coming month’s new games that maybe we haven’t even heard of.