DualSense PS5 Controller Hands-On Demonstration Revealed

The Canadian journalist and television presenter Geoff Keighley, during the Summer Game Fest, showed the DualSense controller of Sony in action.

The PS5 controller, as already speculated in recent months, is particularly large, and its size surpasses any gamepad of previous PlayStation consoles. The weight, however, as Keighley does, is very similar to that of the DualShock 4.

During the presentation all the new features of the PlayStation 5 controller were shown, which aims to provide greater immersion to anyone who approaches its use, allowing it to fully enter the mechanics of the experiences with which it will have to deal. Among these new features, the one linked to triggers with adaptive resistance was mentioned, which will allow DualSense to partially revolutionize the sensations perceived by gamers.

In addition, the potential of the speaker was shown. In fact, it will be possible to blow on the DualSense microphone in order to interact with the game during some specific phases of the gameplay.

In addition, other features already mentioned in the past have also been shown such as haptic feedback, which will provide the player with greater immersion during the game experience thanks to the different sensations due to climate changes and different types of terrain.

Among the titles that will support the aforementioned functions, there will be FIFA 21, Gran Turismo 7 and Astro’s Playroom, the latter will be present already installed on PlayStation 5, at the time of purchase and will serve to show the potential of DualSense.

Check the DualSense PS5 Controller Hands-On video below.