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PS5 & DualSense Controller Weight Possibly Leaked

The weight of the new PS5 console was specified on Amazon. In addition, an analyst gave his assessment of the weight of the DualSense controller on Twitter.

In addition to a lot of information about the technical data, the design and the first games of the PS5 were also revealed. Now the weight of the console has appeared on the Amazon product page.

The PS5 should, therefore, weigh 4.78 kilograms. With this weight, it surpasses almost all previous consoles. The PS4 weighs just 2.8 kg in comparison, while the PS4 Pro version has a weight of 3.3 kg. This makes the next-gen console almost two kilos heavier than the PS4.

The Xbox Series X is said to weigh 4.45 kilograms, according to the analyst Roberto Serrano. If this information is correct, the PS5 would be slightly heavier than its closest competitor.

With a weight of 4.78 kilograms, the PS5 would officially be the second heaviest Sony console. Only the massive PS3 weighed an even heavier five kilograms. Since the PS5 also appears to outperform all other consoles in terms of size, we could already guess that the new console from Sony will not be lightweight.

The PS5 Digital Edition will probably be a little lighter. Although the weight is also given here as 4.78 kilograms, it is most likely a placeholder.

There is also a lot of speculation about the weight of the DualSense controller. The analyst mentioned above also commented on this. He assumes 278 grams or 878 grams including packaging, whereas the DualShock 4 controller weighs 210 grams.

This would make the new controller more heavier than its predecessor. The difference is mainly due to the battery. With an electrical charge of 2200 mAh, this could have twice as much capacity.

However, a weight of 998 grams was specified on Amazon. So it remains questionable how much the Dualsense controller will ultimately bring to the scales. Sony said a long time ago that the controller should feel lighter than it looks.

In the end, the weight of the console is unimportant as long as it knows how to convince in all other areas. By the end of the year, we will be able to experience it ourselves when the PS5 is finally launched on the market.