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How To Make Prosthetics in Frostpunk?

Here is how you can craft prostheses in Frostpunk.

There will be a lot of instances where you will have amputated civilians on your shoulders in Frostpunk. They are not completely useless but they cannot work. To give them their functionality back, you can make prosthetics in Frostpunk and give t to the employees. If you do not know how to craft them, we have mentioned the way in this guide.

How to Make Prosthetics in Frostpunk?


You can make Prosthetics and give them to amputees in Frostpunk by recruiting engineers in the Factory. Assign these engineers the task of crafting prostheses and they will make them and give it to the amputees. Creating Prosthetics will require x10 steel on the base level of their production. This can be reduced to x5 steel by the research of the prosthetics. Remember, you will need to first imply the ‘Prosthetics law’ in order to actually make the prosthetics.

You can also order prosthetics in Frostpunk from the telegraph station in the ‘The last autumn’ scenario. Pass the Prosthesis Shipments and you can order them for x3 Logical Capacity.

How to Get a Factory in Frostpunk?


Factory Frostpunk

To get a factory in Frostpunk to produce prosthetics, you will need to research it under the  Industry and Exploration option. Here, on the second tier, you will unlock the factory and then you can set it up. It will require x15 steel, x30 wood, and x1 steam core.

Giving the prostheses to the amputees will take up x1 bed in the hospital and will take the same amount of time that it takes to cure the common illnesses in the game. So that is all for our guide on how to make prosthetics in Frostpunk. If you would like to know how to build streets in the game, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.