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How To Build Streets In Frostpunk?

Here is how you can build and manage streets in Frostpunk.

Building streets are essential as they are the main nervous system of your city in Frostpunk. These streets are responible of connecting the civilians to all your locations. The ease of access id provided by these roads so that there is smooth functionality of your city. So in this guide, we will tell you steps on how to build sreets in Frostpunk and manage them.


How To Build Streets in Frostpunk?

Streets Construction Frostpunk

  1. Open the ‘Command Hub‘.
  2. Select the ‘Construction‘ tab that has a hammer as its icon.
  3. There, You will have a ‘Build Street‘ option denoted with a bunch of slant dashes.
  4. Select the icon and drag it across the area where you want the street.
  5. Doing this will build a street in Frostpunk.

Build Roads in Frostpunk

If you are not happy with the placement of your streets, you can dismantle them anytime in Frostpunk. There is a ‘Dismantle street‘ option right next to the Build street option. This will deconstruct the sstreets for you in the game.

How to Manage Roads in Frostpunk?


To manage roads in Frostpunk, buil them only where necessary and try to build roads that are the most efficient as you do not want to waste your wood supply early on in the game.  Longer and more streets may eat up a lot of space and will get costlier to reconstruct as you progress in the game.

Make sure all your streets are connected to the main generator or else the civilians will not be able to get to the place you want them to be and will nullify the entire purpose of building a street in Frostpunk in the first place.

So that is all for our guide on how to build streets in Frostpunk and manage them. If you would like to know all the Frostpunk cheats of 2021, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.