How To Complete The Prop Shot Daily Contract In The Finals

Trying to grind the battle pass but are stuck on the Prop Shot Daily Contract in The Finals? Here is how you can complete it.

No matter if you are looking to increase your account level or complete the battle pass, contracts are something you will have to complete in The Finals. However, one of the Daily Contracts says to do a Prop shot, which seems to be bugged and players are looking for a fix.

The contract tells you to “Damage 1 Opponent with an arena carriable”. However, players have noticed that it works weirdly as it is a hit-or-miss (no pun intended). Sometimes it automatically gets completed while other times even after hitting enemies multiple times with stage props or even killing them doesn’t seem to do the trick. So if you are trying to complete it, here is what you can do:

How to Do the Prop Shot Daily Contract in The Finals

The Finals Do Prop Shot Daily Contract
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak

There are two things you can do to complete this contract:

  • Use props instead of barrels: Basically, try grabbing a plant, chair, trash can, or a similar prop. Next, whenever you come across an enemy, try throwing it at the enemy directly instead of bouncing it off a wall or some other obstacle. Also avoid using barrels of gas, goo, fire, or explosive cans. The game may not count it.
  • Shoot the containers at the sky: Sometimes you may be lucky enough to have enemies standing directly below props. Shoot such containers in the sky so that these barrels hit your opponent. If it hits them successfully you should have the mission completed.

That’s all for how you can complete the Prop Shot daily contract. For more help with this game, you can also check our other topics on how to make your crosshair small, how the aim assist works, all career rewards, and more. You can also check out our The Finals section to find similar guides!