Project Zomboid: Where To Find VHS Skill Tapes

Your character can get some XP on certain skills in Project Zomboid using VHS Skill Tapes. Continue reading to learn more about them.

You can use VHS Skill tapes in Project Zomboid to increase your level in certain skills. The game has two types of VHS tapes, Home and retail. But not all of these tapes give you skills. Some of these tapes can be used to just reduce your character’s boredom. Home VHS tapes have unique spawns, which means you can’t find similarly titled tapes again in the game. As for Retail VHS tapes they can have duplicates. So let’s take a look at where you can find VHS Skill Tapes in Project Zomboid, how you can use them, and the list of skill tapes.

Where to Find VHS Skill tapes in Project Zomboid

where to find vhs skill tapes in project zomboid

  • Home VHS Skill Tapes Locations: These tapes don’t have a fixed location as such, but you can find them in certain spots while rummaging different homes or vehicles. These locations include desks, wardrobes, tables in the home. You can also search for them in any vehicle near the house on seats and glove boxes.
  • Retail VHS Skill Tapes Locations: There are a total of 6 stores in the game where you can find Retail VHS Skill Tapes. Below are all of their locations.
    • Louisville: There are three stores on this map.
      • First Store: Go to the north-easternmost part of the map. Here you will see the Hot Vids VHS store across from the Grand Ohio Mall.
      • Second Store: Move to the north side of the map. You can find the Hot Vids VHS store near the bridge.
      • Third Store: Head to the west side of the map. The first store is near the horse tracks.
    • March Ridge: Go to the Hit Vids VHS store in the center of the town.
    • Muldraugh: Head to the southwest area of the map towards the police station. You can find the Hit Vids VHS store next to the station.
    • Riverside: Move to the west side of the map, near the gas and police station. You can find the VHS Store in the building with an L shape. A good landmark here is the parking lot near it.

How to Use VHS Skill Tapes

In order to use any VHS, you will need a TV.

  1. Right-click on a TV.
  2. From your inventory select the VHS you want to use and drag it onto the TV.
  3. Click on the Play button to watch it.

Now that you know how to use it, below is the list of all the Skill tapes you can find in the game.

Home VHS Skill Tapes

  • Combat Wound Management (First Aid)
  • Granny Nani (Tailoring)
  • Muldraugh AV Club (Electrical & Makeshift Radio Recipe)
  • OSCC ’92 (Mechanics)
  • RMFA (First Aid)
  • TV repair (Electrical)
  • Tailoring 101 (Tailoring)
  • no 9 (Metalworking & Metal Fence Recipe)
  • nof vid (Metalworking + Metal Roof Recipe and Metal Wall Recipe)
  • stock cars (Mechanics)

Retail VHS Skill Tapes

  • Carzone E1 (Mechanics)
  • Carzone E2 (Mechanics)
  • Carzone E3 (Mechanics)
  • Cook Show E1 (Cooking & Cake Batter Recipe)
  • Cook Show E2 (Cooking)
  • Cook Show E3 (Cooking)
  • Cook Show E4 (Cooking)
  • Cook Show E5 (Cooking)
  • Cook Show E6 (Cooking)
  • Cook Show E7 (Cooking & Pie Dough Recipe)
  • Exposure Survival E1 (Fishing & Fishing Rod Recipe)
  • Exposure Survival E2 (Fishing)
  • Exposure Survival E3 (Farming)
  • Exposure Survival E4 (Carpentry)
  • Exposure Survival E5 (Carpentry & Foraging)
  • Exposure Survival E6 (Trapping & Trap Crate Recipe)
  • Exposure Survival E7 (Foraging)
  • Exposure Survival E8 (Carpentry)
  • Woodcraft E1 (Carpentry)
  • Woodcraft E2 (Carpentry)
  • Woodcraft E3 (Carpentry)
  • Woodcraft E4 (Carpentry)
  • Woodcraft E5 (Carpentry)
  • Woodcraft E6 (Carpentry)
  • Woodcraft E7 (Carpentry)

That sums up this guide on where to find Project Zomboid VHS Skill tapes and how to use them. Since you are playing this game, you should check our guide on how to survive the helicopter event. Also, our guide on how to hotwire a car in Project Zomboid should be helpful to you.