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Complete Project Slayers Trading Guide

You can now do Trading with other players and get what you need in Project Slayers. Since the method to do so is not straightforward, here's how you can trade.

The recent 1.5 Project Slayers update brings the game a brand new Trade element. With the help of this new feature, you can clear out all the unwanted items from your Inventory. This barter system of obtaining new items & materials can get tricky for some players. This is because no dedicated option appears to be present in the game. So what can you do to exchange items with other players? To make things easier for you to understand, here’s our guide that features the steps to do trading.

How to Trade Items in Project Slayers

Here is how you can Trade easily with any player in Project Slayers.

  • First things first, launch Project Slayers and enter the Main Menu screen.

How to Trade Items in Project Slayers

  • From there, navigate and click on the Hub section.

How to Trade Items in Project Slayers

  • Click on Trading & click on Queue Up option from the list to spawn in Trade Hub World.

Trade Hub is a dedicated world where players can interact with each other to trade items in Project Slayers. Once in the Trading Hub, follow these steps to start trading.

  • Click on the Trade icon in the bottom left of the screen.

How to Trade Items in Project Slayers

  • Next, enter the username of the player you want to chat with in the Requests text box below.
  • Wait for them to accept your Trade request.
  • You must now place the items you need to trade in your respective slots.
  • Confirm the exchange of items to perform a successful trade in Project Slayers.

Before making a trade, you can also type the name of the item that you want in the text bar above. This will attract the players who are interested in making a trade with you.

Now that you know how to Trade in Project Slayers, make the most of it. If you liked this guide, learn more about bosses like Swampy & Tengen in Project Slayers.