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How Player Progression System Works In Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Confused with Level Up?

Progression system in Call of Duty Modern Warfare can be confusing at the beginning, but do not worry here are some tips to understand how player progression works in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. There are tons of rewards you will unlock as you level up and there is also a separate ranking system that will be used once you are leveled-up enough as an soldier. So lets begin with our guide on how progression system works in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

COD Modern Warfare Enlisted Ranks Progression System


Enlisted Rank is the start of player progression system in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, there are different ranks under this like Private Rank I, Private Rank II, Private Rank III and so on. Leveling up by earning XP under Enlisted Rank will help you to unlock various things in Modern Warfare. You can unlock Loadouts Menu, Killstreaks and Filed Upgrades after progressing through various Enlisted Ranks.

In Multiplayer when you start leveling up you will start with Enlisted rank as Private I. You can pick one from three loadouts and use a limited number of Killstreaks and Field upgrades. You will have to earn XP to level up from Private Rank I to ahead. Once you start climbing through the Private Rank I to Private Rank II you will unlock two more default loadouts menu. After reaching Private Rank IV you will unlock Custom Loadout Menu where you can do more.

Private Rank 55 will unlock Command Sergeant Major V that will give you access to new weapons, equipment and perks. Perks can be used in Loadouts, Field Upgrades and Killstreaks.


COD Modern Warfare Seasonal Officer Ranks Progression System

This is the second type of ranking that you will achieve when you max out Enlisted Rank. It will bring permanent rewards and icons. Leveling up in Seasonal Officer Ranks will also unlock Weapon Levels where you can access a arsenal of attachments. Officer Ranks will unlock Season Rewards and Badgers of Honor.

This is a new Progression system after players complete Level 55, and it never resets. All functional items will remain unlocked forever, and players will enter into a new progression system.  Officer Ranks is a seasons ranking system with 100 additional ranks. You will unlock a Cosmetic Weapon Blueprint once you enter this ranking system.


Each time when you level up in Officers Rank you will be rewarded a special Officer Challenge which is quiet similar to Daily Challenges and you can grab tons of XP once you complete it. You will also earn Special Ribbon. Collect 10 Ribbons and you will unlock a special Season Emblem. Unlock more with each additional 10 Ribbons.

You can unlock a animated Emblem once you collect 100 Ribbons a proof of your achievement. After reaching max Officers rank you will unlock another cosmetic weapon blueprint.

How to Level Up in Modern Warfare


There are some regular ways to Level up in COD Modern Warfare, all of them are listed below. It mostly involves playing missions and campaigns. By playing the following missions you will earn XP that will level up your character.

  1. Multiplayer Matches
  2. Special Ops Operations
  3. Missions
  4. Daily Challenges
  5. Challenge Missions
  6. Camo Challenges
  7. Offcer Rank Challenges

Hope you understand the progression system in COD Modern Warfare. There is a lot of grinding here, but the game looks interesting and if I am lucky get a review copy I wish it will break my Breakpoint habit :P.