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How to call Airstrike (Killstreaks) in COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer

A lending hand in war is always the best

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is all about battle, bullets and action. It is an fast paced shooter game but with an touch of strategy where a group of 4 players can conduct operations. Victory comes with amazing rewards but if you found yourself surrounded in the Multiplayer mode, there is one action-packed way to get of it alive as well to snatch the flag of victory from enemies. Want to know how to call Killstreaks that brings a Precision Airstrikes or sends a Gunship to aid you in Call of Duty Modern Warfare then keep reading.

How to call Airstrike (Killstreaks) In Modern Warfare


In multiplayer mode things are more competitive than regular operations in the campaign where you deal with bots. In COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer you will facing live players and there are maximum chances you might get surrounded by them sooner or later.

Before calling you have to select a Killstreak, which is under Weapons in the Lobby below Edit Loadouts.

If you are in such situation search for Munitions Box, there are three types of Munitions in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. All three offers you a similar effect to call Killstreaks in Multiplayer modes and mark my words this will be highly useful. You cannot carry Munitions box or add them in your load-outs, they are part of game environment which are scattered into random locations.


So when you are playing with your friends do inform everyone to lookout for Munitions box location and alert everyone. As soon as you find one you can choose to call a Precision Airstrike or summon a Gunship to help you out.

Press R2 on controller if you are PS4 to call a Airstrike. But first press the up arrow key to use the spotted to locate enemies locations. This is the best way to clear your path. Good luck soldier.

How to earn Killstreaks?


Killstreaks are powerful support packages that can turn the match scenario instantly, you can earn killstreaks without dying. There are different types of Killstreaks in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and each of it will unlock if you earn a specific number of kills. You can add three killstreaks in your loadout and call them in the match. Remember you will earn killstreaks when you do not die. This is an kill cost to unlock a powerful support. Below you can read on all type of killstreaks and the amount of kill cost required to unlock them.

How to find Munitions Box in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

One of the best way to locate Munitions box so that you can call a Killstreak is by using a perk called as Spotter.


  1. From Lobby go to Weapons Menu and select the Custom Loadouts you are using.
  2. Go to the Perk section below, there are three perks slots.
  3. Under the Amped Perk which is the third slot there are two perks you can use. First is Spotter.
  4. This one will help you to see enemy equipment’s, field upgrades and killstreaks through walls. You can mark them for your team also.

COD Modern Warfare All Killstreaks List

Do you want to know what all killstreaks you can call in Call of Duty Modern Warfare then checkout the list below.

  1. Personal Radar – Help you to track down nearby enemies on the mini maps and pings their location. Requires 3 kills to unlock.
  2. Shield Turret – Set a manual shielded turret that can be deployed on most surfaces. Requires 3 kills to unlock.
  3. Counter UAV – Deploy a drone that can emit scrambling signal, it will turn of enemy mini maps & disrupts their scene. Requires 4 kills to unlock.
  4. UAV – Summon a UAV Recon ship that reveals enemy locations on the mini-map. Requires 4 kills to unlock.
  5. Care Package – Call a random Care Package to your location. Requires 4 kills to unlock.
  6. Cluster Strike – Signal for a number of cluster mortars to hit a precise location. Requires 5 kills to unlock.
  7. Cruise Missile – Control a long range cruise missile with boost capabilities. Requires 5 kills to unlock.
  8. Precision Airstrike – Call in two jets for a precision air-strike long the best available path. Requires 5 kills to unlock.
  9. Infantry Assault Vehicle – A manned light infantry vehicle with 50 cal machine gun on top. Requires 7 kills to unlock.
  10. Sentry Gun – Deploy a automatic turret that scans for nearby enemies. Requires 7 kills to unlock.
  11. Wheelson – Remote controlled UGV with a powerful airburst turret. Requires 7 kills to unlock.
  12. Emergency Airdrop – Call in 3 random killstreak care packages to your location. Requires 8 kills to unlock.
  13. VTOL Jet – Release an initial missile barrage before guarding a location of the player’s choice. Requires 8 kills to unlock.
  14. White Phosphorus – Cover the battlefield with white smoke incendiary canisters that will weaken the enemy and burn any that wander to close. Requires 10 kills to unlock.
  15. Chopper Gunner – Control an assault chopper armed with a turret and air to land missiles. Requires 10 kills to unlock.
  16. Support Helo – Call in a heavy assault helo with twin turrets to patrol the map. Requires 10 kills to unlock.
  17. Gunship – A heavy assault gunship with three types of armaments. Requires 10 kills to unlock.
  18. Advance UAV – Orbital UAV that reveals the enemy’s direction on the mini-map. Requires 10 kills to unlock.
  19. Juggernaut – Call in a care package that contains the Juggernaut assault gear. The minigun will drop when the Juggernaut dies. Requires 15 kills to unlock.

So these are some of the most powerful Killstreaks you can call in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Good luck soldier.