Starfield Preventive Action: How To Unlock

This guide will help you explore the Preventive Action questline in Starfield, a pivotal decision with lasting consequences.

Preventative Action is the culminating faction quest for the UC Vanguard storyline. This quest offers a pivotal choice that determines whether you remain loyal to the UC or side with the rogue admiral. Accepting Victus’ offer kicks off the “Preventative Action” questline. We’ll explain the consequences of this fateful decision and the rewards of Preventive Action in Starfield.

How to Unlock Preventive Action in Starfield

How to Unlock Preventive Action In Starfield

To unlock this side mission, you must complete the main faction mission, “A Legacy Forged” for The Cabinet. During this mission, you are given the choice to spare or execute Vae Victis.

To get the Preventative Action quest, you must lie to Hadrian and The Cabinet during the briefing, claiming you executed Vae Victis when you let him live. This allows him to continue operating as an advisor to The Cabinet.

Starting Preventative Action

Travel to the UC Vanguard building in the MAST District of New Atlantis on Jemison in Alpha Centauri. Ride the elevator down to Subsection Seven and interact with the intercom to speak to Vae Victis.

Victus contacts you one last time with an intriguing proposition – to continue working for him as an off-the-books hitman, taking out targets he believes still endanger the UC.

Target Elimination

Take the data slate from the terminal next to the Secure Access door. This will mark your first target’s location on your map. Travel there and eliminate the target, who will likely be guarded.

Return to Vae Victis to collect credits and XP as a reward. He will give you a new target marker for another elimination.

Farming Rewards of Preventive Action

You earn up to 125 XP and credits per completed target. The mission does not end, so you can keep returning for endless farming of rewards. Target locations are randomly generated, so it’s a way to explore more areas in the game.

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