Street Fighter 6 Pressure Time Explained

It’s not only you; many players out there are also wondering what the Pressure time is and how you can use it in Street Fighter 6. Players consider it as a key to winning a match easily. However, just like any other hidden mechanic, the game doesn’t explain anything about it and lets the player discover independently. But if you can’t wait to use this mechanic, we’ll help you. For your reference, below, we have mentioned all you need to know about the Pressure Time in SF6.

Street Fighter 6: How Does Pressure Time Work?

What Is Pressure Time In Street Fighter 6 (Explained)

In Street Fighter 6, the Pressure Time is a small window of time that you can use to counter the opponent’s attack. Players can identify this time window by its white glowing outline around the enemy’s body. It is usually triggered when the enemy charges for a projectile attack. But according to many players, it can also differ on the type of character the opponent is using. However, do note the Pressure Time is a very short period of opening that you should use as soon as you get the chance. And if you manage to do it, the enemy will not only deal damage but also get stunned, allowing you to make more combo attacks.

How to Use Pressure Time in SF6?

There is no ideal method to use Pressure Time, and you can use it to perform any attack. But as mentioned earlier, you need to be pretty quick, or you’ll lose your chance to win the match. So keep an eye out and be ready to plan your move accordingly. If you’re a newcomer, getting used to this might take some time but practicing it can get you going.

That sums up what Pressure Time is and how it works in Street Fighter 6 (SF6). Check out our Characters Tier list if you’re dicey about which fighter you should use. Also, look at the ways to increase the Style XP in the game.

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