Street Fighter 6 Style XP Farming Guide (Fast Methods)

In Street Fighter 6 you should first focus on farming and maximizing the Style XP Rank. That’s because it not only allows you to obtain new moves but also improves the Bond between you and the chosen Master. If you’re already on the road to increasing your EXP rank but earning it is taking quite a bit longer, then we’re here to help. In this guide below we have mentioned all the fast methods to farm Style XP in SF6 quickly.

Best Ways to Farm Style XP in Street Fighter 6

Best Ways to Farm Style XP in Street Fighter 6

In Street Fighter 6, the best way to farm Style XP is by defeating the NPCs that have the same Master as you. And in the fight, if you use the chosen master moves then it might also improve the amount of Style EXP you gain. For your reference below we have mentioned some more tricks to earn Style EXP fast.

Defeat Students of the Same Master

As mentioned above, this is one of the best methods to farm & earn Style XP. Here all you have to do is beat up the NPCs around the Metro City. But while doing that ensure that the opponent is a student of the same Master as you. Players can identify the teacher of an NPC by looking at the small icon just beside their name. Moreover, to increase the amount of EXP you earn try to perform the moves of the same chosen Master in the battle.

Drink Blueberry Smoothie

Buying and drinking the Blueberry Smoothie will boost the amount of XP you earn. You can get these items delivered to you by using the Delivery function on your smartphone. But if you haven’t unlocked it yet, then simply walk up to a vendor and buy some. However, do note that the buffs are temporary so try to engage in as many as fights you can. And that will allow you to farm Style XP in Street Fighter 6 quickly.

earn Style EXP in SF6

Don’t Let the Style XP Go Waste

If you accidentally farmed some extra Style XP for a Master then don’t worry it won’t go waste. The game allows you to transfer the extra EXP to the Master of your choice. So simply open your smartphone go to Status, there select the Masters tab. After that select the Master who is maxed out (Rank 20). Once done, select the Master to whom you want to transfer the XP.

That sums up all about how you can farm & increase your Style XP rank in Street Fighter 6. To further improve the bond with your Master check out the Gift Guide for all characters. Also, take a look at the best SF6 Mods you can use.

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