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Street Fighter 6: Gift Guide To Increase Bond With Masters

Here is the complete gift guide for you to use in Street Fighter 6.

While playing Street Fighter 6, you will need a gift guide to help you increase your bond with your masters. Characters in the game’s Roster appears as Masters in the World Tour Mode. So when you give them gifts you not only enhance your friendship with them but you also get to learn their backstory. And depending on the gift you give them, you can increase it by either 1, 2 or 5 points. So it is important you give them the things they like. So here is a quick guide that will help you out with it.

Best Gifts For Each Master in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Gift Guide

Gift Master Location
Jellied Eel Cammy Merchant – Bather’s Beach, Jamaica
Antique Playing Cards JP Merchant – Bather’s Beach, Jamaica
Bao Bao Bro Sticker Jamie Merchant – Bather’s Beach, Jamaica
Beaujolais Manon Merchant – Bather’s Beach, Jamaica
Celery Chips Lily Merchant – Bather’s Beach, Jamaica
Knock-Off Blanka-Chan Doll Blanka Merchant – Bather’s Beach, Jamaica
Red Elevator 8 Luke Merchant – Bather’s Beach, Jamaica
The Answer Lies in the Heart of Love Kimberly Merchant – Bather’s Beach, Jamaica
C.C. Calendar Can Gift Anyone Merchant – Carrier Byron Taylor, USA
Rubber Duckies E. Honda Merchant – Colosseo, Italy
Wrench Juri Merchant – Dhalsimer Temple, India
Cold Tomato Soup Marisa Merchant – Fete Foraine, France
Natto Guile Merchant – Genbu Temple, Japan
Double KO Gum Can Gift Anyone Merchant – King Street, UK
Cookbook Ken Merchant – Thunderfoot Settlement, Mexico
Lukewarm Beer Dee Jay Merchant, Ranger’s Hut, Brazil
Wooden Bear Zangief Merchant – Barmaley Steelworks, Russia
Fighter Magazine Special Issue Can Gift Anyone Shopkeeper Biz, Metro City
Canned Herring Chun-Li Shopkeeper Dora, Nayshall
Prepaid Card Can Gift Anyone Shopkeeper Dora, Nayshall
Instant Curry (Ultra Mild) Dhalsim Shopkeeper Tsanpa, Nayshall
Psycho Charge Can Gift Anyone Shopkeeper Tsanpa, Nayshall
Instant Soba Ryu Shopkeeper Udon, Metro City
Luxury Heat Pack Can Gift Anyone Shopkeeper Udon, Metro City
Knock Off Blanka-Chan Doll Blanka Jamaica
Supreme Instant Curry Dhalsim E. Honda’s Friendship Mission Reward
Tiramisu Boba E. Honda Cammy’s Friendship Mission Reward
Commemorative Medal Manon Zangief’s Friendship Mission Reward
Neco Acrylic Keychain Cammy Chun-Li’s Friendship Mission Reward
Citrus Perfume Chun-Li Juri’s Friendship Mission Reward
Locket Blanka Lily’s Friendship Mission Reward
Pricey Check Juri Manon’s Friendship Mission Reward
Weights Zangief Marisa’s Friendship Mission Reward
Classy Confectionaires Ryu Side Quest Monk Without a Cause Reward

The above list of gifts are arranged by Merchants and their locations so you can easily find gifts on based on the location where you are or where you need to go. After it you can find all the missions that give you gifts as rewards.

How to Get Gifts in SF6

There are mainly two ways you can get gifts for your masters in this game. The first is by buying them from different Merchants and Shopkeepers all around the world. And the other method to get them is by completing the main and side quests that you get throughout your playthrough.

That’s all for this Gift Guide for Street Fighter 6. If you are interested in more topics on this game then check out our guides on how to solve the SiRN Passcode puzzle, unlock outfit colors, and get Drive Tickets.