How To Increase Bond Level In SF6 (Street Fighter 6)

Be best friends with your Master and get to learn a lot by Increasing your Bond with them in Street Fighter 6. Here's how you can strengthen your friendship with them,

You will come across various Legendary Masters in the World Tour Mode. So, you can select any of them and increase your Bond (friendship level) with them for rewards like Classic Costumes in Street Fighter 6. Also, learn hard-hitting moves from the Masters after increasing your Bond with them. Sounds intriguing right? So what can you do to increase your Bond level in SF6? Here’s everything you should know.

To max up the Bond completely, you must reach level 100 with your respective Master in World Tour Mode. In the process, you will get rewarded with their Outfit 2, more Artwork, and also get to know their story in depth. One of the best things about increasing Bond Level is that it will unlock you more Outfits & Colors. With that out of the way, here’s what you need to do to increase your Bond in Street Fighter 6.

How to Increase Bond With Master in Street Fighter 6

Here’s what you can do to increase your Bond level in Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode.

Complete Master Quest

Your Masters will give you certain quests (consider it as a friend’s favor) while you collect more Style EXP. Completing such missions for your Master will reward you with 10 points. This will increase your Bond level by a massive number.

Spar with your World Tour Master

Increase Bond in Street Fighter 6

While progressing through the World Tour, you will eventually gain Style EXP. It will gradually make your Master challenge you for a 1v1 solo street fight. So, you must engage in this tough battle and defeat them to increase your Bond by 7 points in Street Fighter 6 (SF6).

Have Conversations to Increase Bond

Apart from the above 2 challenges, this one is comparatively far better . Once you interact and talk more with your Master, they will tell your more about themselves. This will strengthen your Bond with them even more. Make sure to choose the right dialogues while talking so that your Bond increases by at least 5 points in Street Fighter 6 (SF6)

Give Gifts (Best Way to Increase Bond in Street Fighter 6)

This is so far the best way to increase your Bond level in World Tour mode. Each Master has a favorite gift that you can offer them. Here’s a list of the gift items that you can give to the Masters to increase your Bond by 5 points in Street Fighter 6 (SF6).

  • Blanka
    • Favorite Gift: Knock-off Blanka-chan Doll
    • Purchase from: Bathers Beach
  • Cammy
    • Favorite Gift: Jellied Eel
    • Purchase from: Bathers Beach
  • Chun-Li
    • Favorite Gift: Canned Herring
    • Purchase from: Old Nayshall Commerce Plaza
  • Dhalsim
    • Favorite Gift: Instant Curry
    • Purchase from: Old Nayshall Commerce Plaza
  • Dee Jay
    • Favorite Gift: Lukewarm Beer
    • Purchase from: Ranger’s Hut
  • E. Honda
    • Favorite Gift: Rubber Duckies
    • Purchase from: Colosseo
  • Guile
    • Favorite Gift: Natto
    • Purchase from: Genbu Temple
  • Jaime
    • Favorite Gift: Bao Bao Bro Sticker
    • Purchase from: Bathers Beach
  • JP
    • Favorite Gift: Antique Playing Cards
    • Purchase from: Bathers Beach
  • Juri
    • Favorite Gift: Wrench
    • Purchase from: Dhalsimer Temple
  • Ken
    • Favorite Gift: Cookbook
    • Purchase from: Thunderfoot Settlement
  • Kimberly
    • Favorite Gift: The Answer Lies in the Heart of Love
    • Purchase from: Bathers Beach
  • Lily
    • Favorite Gift: Celery Chips
    • Purchase from: Bathers Beach
  • Luke
    • Favorite Gift: Red Elevator 8
    • Purchase from: Bathers Beach
  • Manon
    • Favorite Gift: Beaujolais
    • Purchase from: Bathers Beach
  • Marisa
    • Favorite Gift: Cold Tomato Soup
    • Purchase from: Féte Foraine
  • Ryu
    • Favorite Gift: Instant Soba
    • Purchase from: Metro City Urban Park
  • Zangief
    • Favorite Gift: Wooden Bear
    • Purchase from: Barmaley Steelworks

Give your World Tour Master their Favorite Gifts by referring to the above list and increase your Bond with them even more in SF6. You can also give any other gift but it won’t increase your Bond level much. Be best friends with your Master and get to know the tricks to perform their deadly strikes.

Now that you know all the ways to increase your Bond with a Master in Street Fighter 6 (SF6), ensure to make the most out of it. Also, if you are a huge fan of Street Fighter 6, then make sure to check out the Best Character Tier List.