Valorant Premier Divisions: How Many Are There? (Answered)

Want to know about the skill divisions in the Premier open beta? Here's where you can find out how many divisions are in Valorant Premier.

With the open beta for the Valorant Premier live, many players are confused about the skill divisions. While the matches will wrap up till the Playoffs on May 21, it is crucial to know about matchmaking & rankings. Unlike the ranked competitive matches, Premier Beta has specific skill divisions for players. But how many divisions are there in Premier open beta? Check out our guide to find out everything about it.

How Many Divisions are in Valorant Premier Open Beta (Explained)

valorant premier divisions

In total, there are 20 Premier divisions in Valorant for every regional zone in the open beta. Once you have enrolled and created your team, you will be sorted into a skill division according to your regional zones. This placement depends on an average rating of the top five players in your team. So, choose your teammates wisely.

Aside from your regional zones, you can join any team in the Premier mode. However, joining a team that is far away from your regional zone can lead to high ping. As you progress with the Premier beta, you will meet players within your skill divisions. So, no need to worry about the sweaty players outside of your skill tier.

You need 375 Points to qualify for the Playoffs at the end of the Premier mode. Since you get 100 points for wins and 25 points for losses, you must win 4 out of 8 matches. While there are no rewards, you can work your way towards earning the Premier Beta Champions Player card and title. If not, you can collect your Participation Title and Player Card at the end of the open beta.

With the system test of the Premier mode live today, you can also ensure that Valorant’s open beta is free of any bugs or glitches.

That’s everything covered about how many Valorant Premier divisions are there. If you enjoyed reading this, check out our more guides to find out the full Premier schedule, and more helpful Valorant Guides in our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.