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Valorant Premier System Test Explained

Valorant will host a Test Tournament for its Premier mode today. So keep reading to find out how it works and if you are eligible for it.

Valorant will be having a system test for its new Premier Beta mode. This test is to find if the mode is ready for the Playoffs or if there are any bugs that need to be fixed. While there is still time left for it, it is better if Riot fixes any issues as early as possible so as to avoid delaying any matches for the actual Playoffs. So here is the System test schedule, tournament rules, and the rewards you can get for Premier Beta.

How Valorant Premier System Test Works?

what is valorant system premier test

There will be a Test Tournament hosted by Valorant today i.e. 3rd May 2023. You don’t have to participate in this tournament, but if you do then it is only for the betterment of Premier mode and any bugs it might have. This will ensure there are no issues in the Playoff Tournament at the end of Open Beta.

Test Tournament Rules

  1. The matches will be best of 1, which is the same as they will be for the Playoff Tournament.
  2. There will be a Consolation bracket and all Premier Teams are eligible to participate.
  3. This tournament does not affect your:
    • Standings
    • Premier Score
    • W/L record
    • Eligibility for the Playoff Tournament

System Test Rewards

Sadly, winning the Test Tournament doesn’t unlock any rewards for you. But luckily these matches will also not count toward your weekly match limits. And while there are no rewards for the system test, you do get a participation banner and title after you complete your first Premier match. You will get them by logging in the next day. The same is applicable for the Premier Beta Champions banner and title after winning the Playoff tournament.

That is everything about the system test and its rewards. If you do plan on participating in this Test Tournament then check out our best dot Crosshair codes and best crosshairs for headshots.