How To Find Praxis Books In Genshin Impact

Junaid Shaikh
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Genshin Impact has a leveling system that requires you to collect books and apply its knowledge, one such set of books is the Praxis books. The game features a whole slew of characters all with different abilities, personalities, and even lore. After playing for a while, you will soon find your favorite characters that you like to play. This is when you are going to want to save the books and use them on the characters you play. Some characters require special books like the Praxis books. Let’s take a look at how you can get these Praxis Books.

How To Find All The Praxis Books In Genshin Impact

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Praxis Books in Genshin Impact provide Character Talent Materials which are used to increase the level of Character Talents. There are three tiers of Praxis Books with more rarity the higher the tier. The three Praxis Books are Teachings of Praxis, Guide to Praxis, and Philosophies of Praxis.

The characters listed below are the characters that require using these Praxis Books in Genshin Impact:

  • Traveler
  • Collei
  • Dehya
  • Nilou
  • Wanderer

How to Loot Praxis Books

If you are trying to get a lot of Praxis Books, they can be a bit difficult to come by. The only way to get Praxis Books is by clearing the Steeple of Ignorance Domain. This domain lies in the Lokapala Jungle in Sumeru near the Chatrakam Cave.

While this domain is always accessible to attempt and clear, it won’t always give you Praxis Books. Domains rotate reward items per day of the week. So, If you want to get yourself some Praxis Books in Genshin Impact, here is what you need to do; You need to clear this Domain on either Wednesday, Thursday and or Sunday. Those are all the days when the Basket of Discipline reward drops, which contains the Praxis set of books.

That is all you need to know on how to get Praxis Books in Genshin Impact. For more guides on Genshin Impact, check out our other articles like how to reach the Underground Waterways and the Abyss Herald: Frost Fall enemy guide.

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