How To Pour Beer In Dave The Diver

Failing the Beer mini-game every time in Dave The Diver, then find out how you can score well and pour it properly in this guide.

Dave The Diver is a single-player adventure RPG game that will let you carry out deep-sea expeditions during the day and manage a sushi restaurant at night. While the deep sea exploration can be hard, serving people food and drinks in the restaurant can be even harder sometimes. Things can get frustrating especially while serving Beer in the game. The mini-game can be tricky for players as it needs them to be precise. So if you are wondering how to pour Beer in Dave The Diver and score a Perfect in the minigame, then check out this guide and learn how you can do it properly.

How to Pour Beer in Dave The Diver

beer mini game in dave the diver

The Beer mini-game in Dave The Diver can turn out to be tricky and frustrating for players. You will have to maintain a good score to have a happy customer in the restaurant. Once a customer orders a beer, players can start the minigame by standing close to them. Here are the steps you can follow to properly pour Beer in the game:

  • After the game has been started you will see the amount of foam required on the machine.
  • Start by pouring Beer into the tilted glass by pressing S on your keyboard.
  • Do it for 2-3 seconds or till it fills more than half of the glass.
  • Then straighten the glass by pressing D on Keyboard.
  • Once done, add a small amount just so it reaches the brim.

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This will help you properly pour Beer in the game. Although it is worth noting that the game depends entirely on your reaction times and you will have to manage it accordingly. To make it even easier, you can hire staff for your restaurant with different skill sets. Employees with Drink Serving skills can help you pour Beer or other drinks like Tea faster.

That’s everything covered on how to pour Beer in Dave The Diver. Check out our dedicated Dave The Diver section for more guides like these, right here on Gamer Tweak.