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Postknight 2 Best Gifts Guide – What To Gift Characters?

Here's our guide on which gifts the characters in Postknight 2 will love and like.

Postknight 2 has finally arrived with new and adorable bond characters. Postknight is an adventure and casual RPG. If you have played the previous Postknight, you know that the relations or bonds you make with the characters are critical to the game. You will receive and give gifts from the characters to create relationships. For a stronger relationship, you need to give characters the gifts they love and like. The relationship between you and the characters in the game is measured by 5 hearts. The greater the number of hearts, the stronger the bond between you and the character will be. In this guide, we will explore every character in the game and what gifts would strengthen your bond with them.

Postknight 2 Complete Gift Guide – Best Gifts for Characters

Here’s our complete gift guide of all the new characters in Postknight 2.

Best Gifts for Pearl in Postknight 2

  • Pearl is a kind Postknight trainee you will encounter in Maille. Once you reach 3 hearts, she gives up on Postknight training and decides to become a merchant apprentice.
  • Loves: Caspid Stew, Golden Basil, Maple Log, Zephrite, Knight’s Cod, Walnut Log, Valley Bells, Evercheer Tea, Prism Tales: First Edition, and Energy Pop,
  • Likes: Rose Wine Steak, Ceruleaf, Sage, Low Mallow, Sunblaze, Globesoul, Foresight Fruit, and Glowshell.

    postknight 2 pearl gift guide
    Pearl’s memory after 5 hearts

Best Gifts for Jasper

  • Jasper is a fighter and aspires to become the Star Brawler in the future.
  • Loves: Tuffler Bacon.
  • Likes: Dire Wolf fur, Tuffler horn, Ringtail, Granola Muffins, Moulten Tail.

Best Gifts for Morgan

  • Morgan loves music and is on the lookout for a home where she is accepted the way she is.
  • Loves: Knight’s Cod, Spicy Sweets, Energy Pop, Elastipops, and Puff Tuft
  • Likes: Caspid Stew, Tuffler Bacon, Flowings, Valley Bells, Bronze Bar, Silver Bar, Sunblaze, Zephrite, Hexascale, Globesoul, Tuffler Horn and Glowshell.
postknight 2 morgan gift guide
Morgan’s memory after 5 hearts

Best Gifts for Flint

  • Flint is a kleptomaniac and a lonely orphan boy struggling to let go of his past.
  • Loves: Rose wine steak, Glowshell, Silver Ore, Bronze Bar, and Spicy Sweets.
  • Likes: Anti-piece, Bronze Ore, Sunblaze, Robblin Rubbish, Hexascale, Silver Bar, Globesoul, and Nightlight cap.

    postknight 2 flint
    Flint’s memory after 5 hearts

Best Gifts for Amethyst

  • Amethyst is a former noblewoman who wishes to explore the world herself. You will encounter her in Caldemount.
  • Loves: Rose Wine Steak, Foresight Fruit, and Evercheer tea.
  • Likes: Globesoul

Any of the previous gifts you had given to a character will have one out of three emojis on it. These emojis will display if the character loved, liked, or disliked the gift. In addition to these characters, there’s an addition of characters from previous Postknight like Commander Cassandra, Tedric, Magnolia, and Silas. We will update this article as soon as new characters will be added in the future.

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