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Pokemon Too Many Types Mod Guide

Interested in the Pokemon Too Many Types mod? Here is everything you should know about it.

There is a new ROM hack for Pokemon known as the Too Many Types mod and many players are looking to download and play it. The mainline series last got a new type 10 years ago with the Fairy type when they released Pokemon X & Y. Since then we have only had 18 types to remember the strengths and weaknesses of. But over the years you might have memorized them all and may feel the games are too easy. This ROM hack for Pokemon Emerald adds 50 new types to spice things up. So if you plan on trying it out, here is what you should know:

Disclaimer: This ROM hack is fanmade and not an official Pokemon title. If you plan on trying it out, make sure you get the Pokemon Emerald ROM from your own game. This guide is only meant for educational and informational purposes and we do not support any form of piracy.

Pokemon Too Many Types Mod

How To Play Pokemon Too Many Types Mod

To download and get the Too Many Types mod you should join Alpharad‘s Discord server. You can check out his playthrough of the mod in the video below. As for the mod here is how you can get it.

  1. Join Alpharad’s Discord server.
  2. Go to the pkmn-too-many-types channel in Downloads.
  3. Here, you can download the TooManyTypes mod. It has the bps file extension.
  4. Patch this mod to your Emerald ROM and you can start playing the game on any emulator of your choice!

How to Patch BPS Files and Play Too Many Types

  1. Place the TooManyTypes BPS file and your Emerald ROM in a folder. This is an optional step but should make it easier to find both files.
  2. Download and launch the FLIPS Patcher.
  3. Now, click on Apply Patch.
  4. First, select the TooManyTypes BPS file and open it.
  5. Next, select your ROM file and open it.
  6. Finally, give the output file a name and save it.

Wait for the application to patch the mod, once done your file will be ready.

That’s all on how to download and play the Pokemon Too Many Types mod. For more things Pokemon you can check out our guides for Legends Arceus, Scarlet & Violet, and Sword and Shield.