Best Pokemon ROM Hacks 2023

Love playing Pokemon but want more out of the games you love? Here are some of the best Pokémon ROM hacks of all time.

ROM Hacks and cheats have been popular for years now, and even though each has something unique to offer, some are considered just the best Pokemon ROM hacks to ever exist. Pokemon is one of the biggest titles when it comes to gaming with 9 generations, 39+ mainline games counting the remakes, and more than 1000 Pokemon to catch. Most gamers are bound to have played at least a few of these titles. When fans have this much source material to refer to, you are bound to see some of them show their creativity. And that’s why ROM Hacks are fan-made games that offer new features to already existing games.

What’s amazing is the content they offer you. Depending on the one you are playing, you get new original soundtracks, custom Pokemon known as the Fakemons, new regions, game modes, and a lot of other features. So if you are interested to know more, here are the top 10 Pokémon ROM Hacks available.

Note: This article is only for informative purposes.

Best Pokémon ROM Hacks (2023)

Best Pokemon ROM Hacks for every fan

The top 10 Pokemon ROM Hacks are:

  • Pokemon Scale X Fang
  • Pokemon Wally Quest
  • Pokemon Prism
  • Pokemon Rocket Red Verse
  • Pokemon Light Platinum
  • Pokemon Gaia
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA
  • Pokemon Emerald Rogue
  • Pokemon Unbound
  • Pokemon R.O.W.E

10. Pokemon Scale X Fang

Pokemon Scale x Fang

Pokemon Scale X Fang is a ROM Hack cheat of Emerald for GBA by ocean. It offers players a new story and the original Okhai region to explore. It even has its own custom soundtrack, while offering new Pokemon and unique evolutions for existing Pokemon.

The best part is there are no IV and nature stat boosts, so while some fans may not like it, this makes the game simpler and more accessible to newer players.

9. Pokemon Wally Quest

Pokemon Wally Quest

Ever wondered what it would feel like playing as Wally during your Emerald playthrough? Well, this ROM Hack by Sofie plans to answer that question for you. The plot of this game is an alternate timeline where Wally is the Protagonist instead of Brendan or Yuuki.

It gives you a longer plot prior to Elite 4 up to level 85. Another Rival to challenge, and most importantly tries to answer what would have happened if Maxie and Archie used the correct Orbs.

8. Pokemon Prism

Pokemon Prism

Unlike the above two ROMs which were for GBA, this is a hack for the GBC. This is a ROM created by Koolboyman, its story follows the child of Lance that end up in the Naljo region. They must now collect all 8 Naljo badges and fix everything wrong in this corrupted region.

Some of its features include new and returning regions of Naljo and Rijon. Custom music and new types of Fairy, Sound, and Gas Pokemon.

7. Pokemon Rocket Red Verse

Pokemon Rocket Red Verse

If you ever played Fire Red or Leaf Green you must remember the offer you got at route 24 to join Team Rocket. Imagine what would have happened if you accepted it. That’s where this ROM hack by Android Invitados comes in. This game is based on Fire Red but follows a dark storyline. The only downside of this ROM Hack is that it isn’t available in English yet and is only in Spanish.

One of its biggest features is the ability to steal Pokemon. And you also get the ability to Mega Evolve Pokemon.

6. Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon Light Platinum best ROM Hacks

This ROM hack is made by Wesley FG and is based on Fire Red. The story starts with you dreaming of a fight between Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Arceus. And when you wake up you get a message from the professor requesting your help due to your knowledge of the secret language of Alpha.

Here you get to explore the new Zhery and Lauren regions while challenging new Gym Leaders and Elite 4. It also includes Pokemon from regions 1-5 that are from Kanto to Unova and all of their legendaries. Finally, you also get to challenge the Pokemon World Championship.

5. Pokemon Gaia

Pokemon Gaia

Another ROM Hack cheat for GBA is Pokemon Gaia. This is created by Spherical Ice and is based on Fire Red. It is set in the Orbtus region, which once a prosperous civilization is now left only with temples, idols, and relics of the past.

The biggest feature this game offers you are the Pokemon from the first 6 generations of games that is from Kanto to Kalos. And since it brings Kalos, you also get to Mega evolve your Pokemon. There are also original Pokemon and Trainer sprites, reusable TMs, and more.

4. Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA

Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA

Ever thought about what Pokemon Sword and Shield would have looked like if it was made for GBA instead of Switch? Creator PCL.G might have the answer to your question.

This game gives players several features like Mega Evolution, Gigantamax, and Dynamax for Pokemon. All Pokemon from the 8th generation. Galar forms and regions, the story of Sword and Shield. New Music, Exp Share, IV & EV System, and more.

3. Pokemon Emerald Rogue

Pokemon Emerald Rogue

This ROM Hack is for the fans of the Roguelike genre. It is made by Pokabbie and is based on Emerald. The goal is simple, all you have to do is defeat the champion. Sounds easy? That’s where the roguelike element comes in, the routes, items, trainers, & wild Pokemon are random and procedurally generated.

If that was not all you can encounter Galarian forms and rare legendaries. You can even use Mega Evolution in battle!

2. Pokemon Unbound

Pokemon Unbound

This ROM Hack is made by Skeli and is based on Fire Red. The game is set in the Borrius Region. Several years prior to the events of this game, the Borrius region was at war against the Kalos region. While the Borrius people summoned a dark force to defeat Kalos it was eventually sealed away. And now an organization known as the “The Shadows” are on the move to bring back this dark force.

It offers players many features like letting them catch all Pokemon from gen 1-8, unlimited bag space, new unique songs, difficulty modes, and more. There is even post-game content for you to enjoy after beating the main story campaign.

1. Pokemon R.O.W.E – Best Pokémon ROM Hack

Pokemon R O W E best ROM Hacks

This ROM Hack for Emerald (by Creator rioluwott) is how a truly open-world Pokemon game would feel like. You can explore the region as per your liking as you have access to all HMs like Fly and Dive right at the start of the game. It features Pokemon from gen 1-8 and even lets you pick between 9 starters. You get to choose your difficulty between easy, normal, and hard. From various battle modes like double battle, and inverse battle to features like Mega Evolution, reusable TMs, and more. This hack is packed with features.

With these best Pokemon ROM Hacks of all time and considering their replayability, you are sure to have fun for weeks – if not months. If you enjoyed this list and would like similar recommendations for other games then head over to our Features section for more.

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