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Pokemon BDSP Move Relearner – How To Find Move Reminder & Relearn Moves

Trying to make your Pokemon remind a move you made them forget? You need the help of the Move Relearner.

You can find Move Relearner or Move Reminder in Pokemon BDSP as this is an important NPC in any Pokemon game. That is because they help you remind your Pokemon a move you made them forget. It is also helpful if you get an overpowered Pokemon that has bad moves, you can make them learn something from their learnset. So in this guide let us take a look at how to find Move Relearner (Reminder) in Pokemon (BDSP) Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl, how to get Heart Scales, and which moves you can’t relearn.

How to Find Move Relearner in Pokemon BDSP

pokemon bdsp move reminder

You can find Move Relearner in Pastoria City. Below are the steps on where you can find the Move Reminder.

  1. Go to Pastoria city, which is southeast of Hearthome City. Pastoria city is where the 4th gym is at.
  2. In the city you can, go to the house northeast from Pokemart.
  3. Outside the house, you can find an NPC beside the waterfront.
  4. This NPC is the Move Relearner.

How to relearn moves and what moves can be relearnt in Pokemon BDSP

In order to remind your pokemon a move, you need to give the Move Reminder a Heart Scale. Each move you relearn requires you to use one Heart Scale, after the first 10 moves you can relearn moves for free. Below are the moves that you cannot remind a Pokemon:

  • Moves from previous Evolution: Every Pokemon has its own learnset, so Infernape can only remember moves from its learnset and not that of Monferno. This applies to all Pokemon.
  • Moves they were Born with: A Pokemon form has a different learnset depending on their egg moves. So if your Pokemon didn’t have a move while hatching, they can’t remember it since they never knew it in the first place.
  • TM moves: A TM move is one that you make them learn using a TM. So if the Pokemon knew it before you made them forget, but it wasn’t a part of their learnset, then the Move Relearner can’t teach that move to them. For example, you can’t make Infernape remember Flamethrower but can remind the Flame Wheel.

How to Get Heart Scales

There are two ways to farm Heart Scales in Pokemon BDSP.

  • Take it from Luvdisc: You can catch Luvdisc using a Super Rod and take the held item from them. The best location to find Luvdisc is Route 224.
  • Mining: You can go to the Underground and mine to get some Heart Scales.

That covers everything you need to know about how to find Move Reminder (Relearner) in Pokemon BDSP, how to get Heart Scales, and which moves you can’t relearn. If you are near the end game then check our guide on how to beat Cynthia. Also, learn about the clone glitch for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.