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Friendship Checker Not Working Or Broken In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP)?

You can check your Friendship level in Pokemon BDSP but is it any accurate? Let us find out.

The more you use your Pokemon in battles, the more your friendship with them increases. And there are many more factors that can increase or decrease your friendship with your Pokemon. Thankfully you can check your Friendship Level with your Pokemon through the Friendship Checker. But the problem is, is the checker any accurate? In this guide let us find out if Friendship Checker is Broken and does not work properly in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP).

How to Fix Friendship Checker Not Working in Pokemon Pokemon BDSP?


pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl bdsp friendship checker broken

There is no fix available as of now, and we think the only way to fix it is through an update. But if there’s a workaround or official fix for this issue, or if the devs acknowledge this problem, we will update the info in this article. We came to this conclusion based on the Reddit thread where many players have described their issues. Below are some of the reasons why Friendship Checker might not be working properly.

  • According to u/itsapillowpet852 When they check their friendship level through the Checker app the pokemon show no hearts. But when they went to the lady to check the friendship they got a completely different response.
  • User u/A_Drottam says that they have a team of level 24-26 but despite that, not even their starter pokemon show any hearts. And things get worse because they never used any bitter items for healing and only have one Pokemon fainted.
  • User u/Tsukikaiyo says that all their pokemon move away on the checker. And despite walking and leveling up their Piplup it doesn’t show much friendship towards them. They even had it faint only twice. They are beginning to think that their Pokemon hates them. If you read this don’t worry once the developers fix this bug you’ll see that your Pokemon love you.


The friendship level isn’t only affecting the checker, some players are even facing issues when evolving their Pokemon.

  • According to user u/MrsWhiterock, they were able to evolve their Golbat without even sending it for a battle. But for Togepi, giving Calciums, Massages, walking, and even using it in battle wasn’t enough to get it to evolve. They feel there is a bug in the game’s Friendship feature.

The above were just some of the user’s responses towards this feature. You can also check the above thread to see what other users have experienced with this feature.


That sums up this article on if Friendship Checker is broken and not working in Pokemon Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP). If you like playing this game then be sure to check out other guides on how to check friendship level and local & online trading guide for Pokemon BDSP.