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Evil Dead Game: How Many Players For Coop & PvP?

If you are wondering about the game modes and how many players can co-op in Evil Dead the Game, check out this article.

On Friday the 13th (13th May 2022), Saber Interactive launched the much awaited survival horror video game Evil Dead: The Game. Whether this was a coincidence or a message is unknown. The game brings a refreshment to those who enjoy bashing paranormal entities and occasionally fighting the big bad demon. Let’s check out which game modes and how many players can play coop/pvp in Evil Dead the Game.

Evil Dead the Game Game Modes

Evil Dead Modes to Play

If you have been a fan of the Evil Dead film series, Saber Interactive has brought you closer to something you are familiar with. Beside maps and locations which the fans are acquainted to, Evil Dead: The Game includes the cabin in the woods as well. The game is an asymmetrical multiplayer game and provides two game modes.

Co-Op Mode – How Many Players can Play together in Evil Dead the Game?

The Co-op mode allows four users to be part of a team to complete the missions and fight the AI controlled Demons. Beside that, single player mode is also available but you will still need an internet connection.

PvP Mode

How Many Players Co-Op in Evil Dead

The PVP mode will allow a 4v1 gameplay as one player takes on the role of one of the Kandarian Demon against the four player survivor team.

Once you click on Survivor vs Demon, you get to see these options.

Vs Player

  • Play as Survivor – Cooperate with a team of players to defeat the demon controlled by another player.
  • Play as the Kandarian Demon – Take control of the Kandarian demon and defeat a team of Survivor players.


  • Play as Survivor – Cooperate with a team of players to defeat an AI controlled demon
  • Play Solo – Play with AI controlled team of Survivors against an AI controlled demon


  • Private Match – Play with friends in a closed game

The game also features characters from the famous television series Ash vs Evil Dead. It has 4 playable class among the survivor and 3 playable class among the demons.

That’s all on Game Mods and Players Coop in Evil Dead. Make sure you also check out which survivor class to choose, demon tier list and other guides on Evil Dead The Game.